What is the Average Attorney Salary in Denmark?

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This is a post about What is the Average Attorney Salary in Denmark? For this topic, we collected numbers from the web to help you get more information about your desired topic. If you’re a lawyer in Denmark and are wondering what the average attorney salary is in Denmark, then this post is for you. We will take a look at what the average attorney salary in Denmark is, where it’s based, and what it takes to earn it.

Being a lawyer in Denmark can be a lucrative career path for anyone who has the right skills and qualifications. But what’s the average attorney salary in Denmark? And what’s the job market like for lawyers? An attorney’s salary can vary significantly depending on where you live and what kind of work you do. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the national average for attorneys is $90,600 per year. This figure includes both public and private practice. To learn more about a specific area of law, use the Lawyer Salary Calculator.

Average Attorney Salary

Denmark Attorney Salary

With the average attorney salary in Denmark being around €49,000, it’s safe to say that it’s a well-paid profession. However, it’s not all good news. While the salary is relatively high, fewer jobs are available, and it can be challenging to move up the ladder. But that doesn’t mean you should give up hope. You can earn a decent salary with the right skills and qualifications.

What are you qualified for?

Your first step is to identify your ideal legal area. Do you want to work in litigation or perhaps corporate law? Or maybe you’d rather focus on family law? Whatever you choose, you’ll need to decide whether you’d like to work from home or if you prefer an office-based position. You may also want to consider your level of experience. Do you want to focus on starting your own business or perhaps join a firm? There are several different levels of lawyers. The most common are “advocate”, “solicitor”, and “specialist”.


An “advocate” is a general lawyer who handles cases with a lower level of complexity. Advocates are often employed in a firm and work on a fixed salary. They are typically tasked with “briefing” new clients and “handling” smaller cases.

Average Danish Attorney Salary

When looking at the average attorney salary in Denmark, you must consider the type of law you practice. For example, if you work for a large firm, your income could be significantly higher than Denmark’s average lawyer’s salary. But if you work for a small firm, you might only be earning the average. To find the average Danish attorney salary, you must first determine the average salary for the law you practice.

Here is an approximate breakdown of the average attorney salaries for the most common types of law.

Commercial Law – 5,000 to 6,000 DKK / $734 to $895 USD per month

Tax Law – 4,500 to 5,500 DKK / $691 to $848 USD per month

Criminal Law – 3,000 to 3,500 DKK / $447 to $560 USD per month

Civil Law – 2,500 to 3,500 DKK / $386 to $514 USD per month

If you are a young lawyer with no experience, you should focus on commercial, tax, or criminal law.

Danish Attorney Salary in Denmark

With so many lawyers in Denmark, it’s no wonder the average attorney salary in Denmark is much higher than in most other countries. The average annual attorney salary in Denmark is approximately USD 76,000.

Where do Danish lawyers work?

Danish attorneys are not restricted to working only at law firms. They can also work in private practice, in the public interest, and even in government agencies.

What does it take to earn this salary?

The typical career path for a lawyer in Denmark starts with a bachelor’s degree in law, a JD, and a license to practice. You’ll need a JD degree, a few years of experience, and good grades to earn the average attorney salary in Denmark. While most of the country’s lawyers work in private practice, some work for the government, and a few specialize in a certain area of law.

Average attorney salary in Copenhagen

According to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s 2017 Quality of Living survey, Denmark is the sixth most expensive country in Europe. However, you may be surprised to learn that the cost of living in Denmark is lower than in other countries such as Sweden and Norway.

Consequently, you can expect to earn a higher income than in other European countries.

Average earnings in Denmark are highest in the Nordic countries of Finland and Norway and lowest in the Balkan countries of Bulgaria and Romania.

There are a variety of legal jobs in Denmark, but the most common ones include:

* Attorneys

* Court clerks

* Paralegals

* Specialists

* Litigation consultants

* Legal secretaries

* Legal advisors

* Legal consultants

* Legal researchers

* Public prosecutors

* Judges

* Lawyers

* Barristers

* Consultants

Average attorney salaries in Denmark by profession

Regarding the average attorney salary in Denmark, most money comes from the legal services sector. While you might be able to make a good living as a sole practitioner, you will need to put in a lot of work and make sacrifices if you want to grow your practice. If you’re interested in starting your law firm in Denmark, you should check out our latest guide on opening a law firm in Denmark.

Frequently Asked Questions Average Attorney Salary

Q: What is the average age when an attorney becomes an attorney?

A: The average age when an attorney becomes an attorney is 30 years old.

Q: How much does an attorney make after retirement?

A: After retirement, an attorney can make anywhere from €30,000 – €40,000 per year.

Q: How much does it cost to become an attorney?

A: An attorney can spend as little as €3,000 – €5,000 to become an attorney.

Top 4 Myths About Average Attorney Salary

1. Attorneys are paid only a small salary.

2. Attorneys earn large sums of money in bonuses.

3. Attorney’s salaries are low.

4. There are no attorneys in Africa.


How much does a lawyer make in Denmark? Is it possible to become an attorney without a degree? Can you make a living as a lawyer in Denmark? Lawyers are required to be licensed by the Ministry of Justice. To become licensed, you must pass the Danish Bar Examination, which requires passing all four parts of the exam (written test, oral test, practical test, and written test) and an internship.

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