Steelseries Rival seven hundred Mouse: A Modular Mouse with an OLED Screen

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In October of the ultimate year, we had the chance to go fingers-on with Steelseries’ Rival 500, a neat little MMO/MOBA mouse that won us over from our number pad MMO mouse. This week, Steelseries reached out to see if we might test the subsequent mouse within the Rival line-up, the Rival seven-hundred. However, there are fewer buttons, more modularity, and a unique OLED screen to give the customization glad client. Does it fit the bill? Let’s see.


After using MMO mice for goodbye, I have to admit that I’m familiar with having a number pad at my thumb. The Rival 500 nicely subverted that by having a radius of buttons around the thumb in place of the overkill, that could be a full grid. The Rival seven hundred aims on the wider gaming audience, cutting that button depend even similarly to seven general and 3 across the thumb. It’s for the gamer that doesn’t need the world at their thumb tip, however, they still wish the extra functionality of their excessive-quit gaming mouse.


The Rival 700 is more delicate than its predecessor, and it’s made for modularity. Out of the box, you’ll have the selection of two swappable USB cables, braided and non-braided, and you should purchase replacement pinnacle plates from the Steelseries shop. While you’re there, $25 will even net you an upgraded laser sensor. If you have a 3-D printer, the guide web page even offers the 3D documents to 3D print a custom nameplate for the mouse’s rear. We best had the base package deal to try out for this assessment; however, this guide from iFixit shows how easy it’s to update every one of these elements. Even the sensor is as simple as 4 screws.

It’s additionally a slimmer mouse, becoming nicely into a palm or claw grip. I tend to palm my mice, and with the Rival 700, my ring and pinky arms relax over the side, appearing as anchors. At 135 grams, the heft is first-class and best slightly heavier than the previous mice inside the series. I’m additionally keen on the hard plastic end of the five hundred’s rubberized coating, which tended to pick up dust.

It’s formally the age of RGB, and the Rival seven-hundred is proud to contribute to the cause. There are zones of illumination around the mouse wheel and the Steelseries emblem under the palm. These employ the company’s Prism lighting gadget, which lets your lighting fixture profiles integrate between devices. Applying identical color results may be very easy inside the SteelSeries Engine. You can also follow in step with device results, including respiratory and shade-moving that can be completely custom-designed. Nonetheless, Corsair has the brink in this regard, as they currently do over each different RGB peripheral manufacturer. Still, Steelseries has an excellent selection of customizable presets to preserve your computer looking fresh.

As you’ll anticipate from a Steelseries mouse, each button is programmable. You can remap them to shape any key press, release software, or trigger a macro. Macro recording is simple as ever, and I truly find myself recording sequences out of doors of video games for brief navigation or record editing. One of the neater functions of the seven hundred is its haptic comments. This accompanies a custom timer device which in which a huge array of vibration styles will help you inform your cooldowns apart. They’re felt proper on your palm and so may be more subtle; they’re aware, not a disruption for your mousing. Depending on how you play, taking the time to set this up may want to definitely save you looking at motion bars to understand while that next capacity is prepared to the hearth.

The seven hundred is likewise GameSense enabled, which lets in well-suited games to govern your colors and results – assume fading from inexperienced to pink while your fitness is low. It’s a neat idea, but its usefulness is kneecapped on a mouse. The selection of video games is presently slim, but greater importantly, your palm covers the largest color space for a game to use truly. In essence, you’ll simplest have the ring for your mouse wheel, which is pretty obscured through your arms.

The most specific function of the Rival is its OLED display. However, it’s a superb concept like GameSense is presently held back by a lack of alternatives. The enterprise touts it as having an onboard Steelseries Engine (their PC software). It will let you exchange a handful of parameters, like the first and second click CPI (100 to 16000) and the way excessive you can elevate it even as nonetheless responding. Still, the whole lot beyond those basics is only viewable. There are no modifiable light settings, macro recording, or button mappings. You can, however, select between five of your stored profiles with their personal lighting and programming options.


On the PC, all of this is available, as well as the ability to design your own nameplate. What’s surely cool is that you could upload tiny photographs or even GIFs to be displayed. Some games even use the display to reveal ammo counts etc. Realistically, this is all novelty stuff that’s cool to have but, in all likelihood, won’t be used very lots. You’re looking at your display, not your mouse screen, when you’re gaming, in the end.

At the cease of the day, the Rival seven-hundred is a really successful mouse. It has a big sensitivity range with a view to accommodate any gamer in any sport they choose. Losing so many buttons is a hard sacrifice for an MMO participant. However, the mouse is an excellent shape for video games that don’t require extra than a handful of key binds. This stage of modularity remains uncommon inside the gaming mouse world, and the smooth customization of Prism is all welcome advantages. It displays, even though… arguably its maximum interesting selling factor – it’s genuinely a communique piece and a laugh bonus in case you’re in the marketplace for a unique, excessive fine mouse; however, it nevertheless wishes a few firmware updates to stay as much as its capacity certainly.

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