Want to Hire a Mold Inspector? Here is What You Should Ask

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Do you think that there is mold in your home but are not sure about its presence? Want to know whether there is mold inside the house or not? If your answer to these questions is yes, then it’s time to hire a mold inspector. A reliable mold inspector checks your home thoroughly for the presence of mold, and perform laboratory test to know its type.

However, with several mold inspectors claiming themselves as the best professionals, it is not easy to find the best one. To assure that you hire a trustworthy mold inspector, you must ask him the following relevant questions. These questions will help you in making the right choice.


Questions #1. Do you have a license and insurance?

Always expect a yes in answer to this question as license and insurance are the most crucial documents that mold inspectors should have. The license manifests professionalism and indicates that the mold inspector has gone through proper training to provide the services and is permitted by the authorities. Additionally, insurance assures that you won’t be held liable for any mishap that occurs at your home during the inspection. Everything will be covered by insurance. Thus, you can easily rely on the company that is licensed as well as insured.

Question #2. How long will it take to complete the entire home inspection? 

A full home mold inspection takes good time ranging between three to five hours. If the inspector says something less than two hours, then most probably, he will not perform a thorough inspection. Better look for some other mold inspector who promises to invest a good amount of time in inspecting the presence of mold in your home.

Question #3. Can you explain your inspection process?

An expert will always explain the entire process with patience. Moreover, you can learn a lot from the answer to this question. You will get to know about the inspector’s knowledge and thus, can make a sound decision on whether to hire the inspector or not. Remember, their inspection process must include HVAC systems and attics, and they should use an infra-cameras to perform the inspection.

Question #4. What is the cost of your inspection services? 

While hiring any service, these are the most important questions that you should ask. The answer to this question will let you know which inspector provides inspection services in your budget. However, make sure to go for the one who offers services at competitive prices, as low-priced services do not promise quality.

Question #5. Can you provide a list of references?

A reputable mold inspector will always say yes to this question. By taking the list of references, you can talk to the past clients of the mold inspector and learn about their experience with him. Do ask them if they will hire the mold inspector in the future or not, as this will let you know whether the professional is worth hiring or not.

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