Fnatic RUSH Pro Silent Gaming Keyboard Review

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Sometimes whilst sports activities corporations release products with their names slapped on it, it’s commonly simply that, a few kind of inferior product with a name slapped on it. Usually, no real notion is going into the product being advocated it’s just a way to make clean cash from “something the pros use”. So when we got the possibility to study Fnatic’s RUSH Pro Silent mechanical keyboard, I became rather fearful.


Upon commencing the container, I right now saw that care had long past into making sure that the keyboard changed into nicely packaged and wouldn’t be damaged in transit. There’s without a doubt a few hefty kit in right here so ensuring that things weren’t bouncing around are simply a concern here. Once I’d battled through the packaging what I determined changed into a pretty well put together keyboard. It becomes heavy, however no longer unmanageable. It also had a detachable wrist relaxation for that added comfort, however, I located the minimal appearance of the keyboard to be a whole lot more attractive to me.

Before typing at the Fnatic RUSH Pro Silent keyboard I’d been mainly hammering away on the Logitech Orion Spark G910 which comes with Logitech’s personal proprietary switches. The RUSH Pro Silent then again comes with Cherry MX Reds that is my first revel in with Cherry MX switches. What’s extra, they’re the Silent model of the Reds meaning that at the same time as they have a few incredible actuation, best for gaming, they’re additionally pretty quiet too.

Now, to mention that these are “silent” is off the path a piece of a fib, but in evaluation to the different mechanical keyboard that I’ve heard, inclusive of Logitech’s Romer-G switches, they’re pretty rattling quiet and also are a pleasure to kind on. They’re no longer distinctly difficult to press and nevertheless offer that tactile clicking feeling you get from other mechanical keyboards.

One issue I did notice but is the spacing on the keys is pretty extensive in comparison to different keyboards I’d been affiliated with in the past. Not always a trouble as it allows for miles more correct punching of the keys, however it did take some getting used to. That being stated, the huge spacing doesn’t make the RUSH Pro Silent any larger than your well-known keyboard.


Now of direction one of the predominant appeals of this keyboard is its aim closer to “gaming”. I simply, it has it within its call and it’s a product advanced with the aid of Fnatic, a team that’s presently among the top of many sports leaderboards. So how does the keyboard do below a few heavy gaming?

As a person who in the main performs first character shooters on PC, I can say that the keyboard simply holds up during rapid-paced shooters. They keys are also quite fast to reply and it’s an exceptionally relaxed keyboard to use. Every key I may want to want is within attained and the capability to apply individual keys in the “Fnatic Gear RUSH” app become additionally a plus.

The keys themselves weren’t free feeling, there was sufficient resistance for me to truly experience the keys being pressed down taking into consideration a great deal more accuracy and preventing any unintended key presses.

Onto the design itself, the keyboard is predominantly matte black with red LEDs under every key. These LEDs can be quite customized with three brightness settings and one which has the LEDs slowly pulsate. One thing I have noticed with the amount of using it’s had because it’s been with me (a touch over a month at this factor) is that the matte appearance of the keyboard quick wears down imparting a choppy sheen to each key. This makes the keyboard look quite worn-in pretty speedy and depending on whether or not you like your keyboards to appearance easy or no longer, this can be a trouble.

Another minor little difficulty is that the matte coating of the keyboard frame is likewise liable to choosing up any and all oils/grease from your fingertips. If you find that you relaxation your thumb or fingers above the arrow keys, you’ll know exactly in which they have been resting. Again, it’s not a large issue in case you’re now not fussed approximately the way your keyboard appears, however for people who like a smooth searching table, this can be a trouble.

Fortunately, the keyboard is relatively easy to clean as all keys are detachable so all of those crumbs and other bits of dust which gets in between the keys may be effortlessly removed. The matte coating is also easy to wipe down too.

Now, one of the important components of this keyboard is its portability. It’s supposedly made for wearing from match to tournament, and I can really see this being the case. The cable is lengthy but has a fabric protecting to stop tangles and to make it greater long lasting, it additionally comes with extra USB ports at the lower back taking into account every other peripheral or USB sticks to be connected to the keyboard as opposed to messing with a tournament-owned rig.


Like I said, it is a touch on the heavy aspect, however no longer unmanageable. The simplest downside is that the keyboard doesn’t include any kind of shielding case. Sure, it’s been designed to be long lasting, but I’d as a substitute not have it knocking around a rucksack by means of itself. But again, that’s simply personal preference.

Overall the Fnatic RUSH Pro Silent Gaming Keyboard is an absolute satisfaction to apply whether or not it’s for typing or gaming the keyboard is completely accommodating. It’s secure, has a pleasing tactile feel, and is quite sufficient to not wake up the dog that lives 3 doors down. I need to applaud Fnatic for developing a keyboard that you can tell has had the sort of high attention to element given to it. This isn’t an inferior product with a businesses name connected to it, that is a keyboard created by an enterprise for the organization to use.

The Fnatic RUSH Pro Silent Gaming Keyboard is a very well fun and secure keyboard to use. If you may look beyond the fingerprint-magnet design preference, I’d nearly say that this is an ought to have.

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