How to Hire Bloggers and Start Your Own Blog Network

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Looking at the wide variety of weblog networks which are around, I wonder what it is going to be like to start one of my personal. I am certain you are acquainted with names like 9rules, b5media, Gothamist, Weblog, TechCrunch and greater. Yes, they may be all blog networks.Image result for How to Hire Bloggers and Start Your Own Blog Network

Now, do not get the wrong concept here. At the time of this writing, I haven’t started a blog network of my very own, but I desired to realize how it can be finished.

While browsing through a list of the blog network that I determined online, I came throughout a familiar call — Paul Short.

Paul Short and I have been advisors at a personal forum approximately a 12 months lower back. Paul and I each have our own specific understanding when it comes to running an online business. I do plenty of listing building and associated applications, at the same time as Paul is a master at blogging and search engine optimization.

And little did I understand, during the last one-12 months or so, Paul has been quietly constructing his personal little weblog community. It’s called Grimaud Media.

When I found out about this, I sent Paul an email and requested if he’d help me with this difficulty. I want to understand the way to hire bloggers and build a weblog network. I wasn’t positive that I’d be doing it, but I certainly need to learn the way it may be performed.

So he replied and later we got on the cellphone speaker approximately that one element — a way to lease bloggers and begin a weblog network.

The call lasted for over an hour. And Paul shared exciting matters about beginning your very own blog network. One of the things changed into approximately in which and how to discover an excellent blogger to the weblog for you.

It’s difficult schooling people how to write and a way to weblog. When you need a person to weblog for you, it’s best to get an real blogger. Maybe there are few matters that you can train the blogger, something about how many posts they should do an afternoon and such things as that. But in fashionable, you need anyone who is already blogging due to the fact they’re already acquainted with the era and the culture.

And to do that, you may observe websites like Technorati and Digg. These two websites index the content of blogs from all around the world. What you need to do is just look for blogs in the niche that you are pursuing.

Now, here is a tip while looking for a blogger. Look for a blogger that has her/his own voice while writing. What I mean by means of this is that they have to have critiques on matters and no longer simply take a seat at the fence all of the time. Why? Because bloggers like this could appeal to loads extra readership. People could usually want to realize what you suspect.

Now which you have your blogger, you can start building your blog.

How do you figure along with your blogger? From what I apprehend, if it is your blog, you need to put together the weblog, do the website hosting, get the domain call, do all of the designing, do all the optimization, install all the plug-ins, do all the advertising … And your blogger, will just login and weblog.

And how a whole lot do you pay a blogger? Well, there are masses of models that you may use. But for Paul, he gives around $five in line with post and expects around 60 to 100 posts. But whilst sales from the weblog grows to a sure stage, they may pass right into a revenue-sharing version. But I guess, by the end of the day, you need to speak about this together with your blogger and agree on something that the both of you’re cozy with.

I suppose that’s an honest deal.

Of course, Paul and I talked about extra matters for the duration of the decision. We talked about how lots to pay a blogger, how to sell your weblog, a way to monetize your blog and lots extra. But I can’t tell you everything that Paul shared with me without having to jot down a novel.

But I assume, getting a blogger is a step closer beginning your personal weblog community.

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