Before You Hire a Blogger, Read This!

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You really do not have the time to maintain fresh new content material posted on your weblog, so you are going to hire a person to do this for you. Here are some beneficial subjects to do not forget when you are organized to pick that person.


Write out a listing of the work you want to be carried out. What are your expectations?

The time utilized writing down what you need or expect from a blogger will cross a long manner in getting you precisely who you want. Ask yourself, what number of posts in step with a week? How many feedback to answer? A number of web page perspectives? How about a minimal variety of incoming links every week?

Write a job description.

Review your written feedback from the paragraph above then condense the ones comments that will help you write out an activity description. Be certain to address the problem as to who will light and answer remarks.


What fashion of writing do you need on your blog?

Ask yourself what fashion you want your blogger to achieve. You should encourage creativity and an ardor for writing. You need to find a creator this is unlikely to tire of the each day or weekly put up-to-publish recurring. A creative mindset will paintings wonders for your weblog.

Ask for examples of their work.

Ask for links to their past paintings. Go online and read their past posts and answers. Do those examples imitate the paintings contained their written resume? If not, you want to ask why now not. You want to be sure that the man or woman you are coping with is the equal man or woman who in reality wrote the one’s blog posts. Do they write well? Is English a 2nd language for them? Does their style of writing fulfill the desires of your readers? It’s one aspect to position up with distinctions of the English language, but you need not positioned up with terrible grammar or spelling.

Good grammar and proofreading abilities are important.

You need to put up posts that your readers will find enticing. You need to have well written original content material this is grammatically correct, loose from spelling mistakes and importantly, translate like they have been written by using a person who knows what they’re doing.

Is this applicant adept at the use of social media?

You want to appoint a blogger who is familiar with AND makes use of social networking or social bookmarking websites. The applicant may have and must provide to you, a list of their association with sites along with Digg, StumbleUpon, Facebook, LinkedIn and/or Twitter. I know that my information in those regions is constrained, so I want my blogger to have a full hold close of a way to use those social media websites.

Your blogger needs to demonstrate an awesome knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Ask the blogger applicant to put in writing a paragraph on what SEO way to them. Ask for his or her innovative remarks on how search engine marketing is essential to force traffic in your weblog. Now ask them how they plan to locate readers. Ask them to study your present weblog and comment on what they could change.

Does the applicant express enjoy inside the topic of your weblog?

You want to locate a blogger who knows sufficient approximately your niche to preserve your weblog readers engaged. The technique of “faking it until you’re making it” isn’t going to garner you an audience of faithful readers. And, what is a blog without readers? Not a lot!

Don’t hire the first character who answers your advertisements.

I employed a creator from PeoplePerHour as I was so enthused with their resume. Had I no longer employed the primary man or woman who answered my ad, I ought to have had the paintings done for 1/2 the charge. Yes, you get what you pay for, but it can no longer constantly be the satisfactory deal round. Be patient; permit your blogging process opening to populate the Internet for a few days. Reading those resumes could be top revel in for you. Then, remember re-writing your ads.

Hire an author, no longer a blogger.

There are true reasons to rent an author, not a blogger. Bloggers regularly damage proper grammar guidelines and they’re beyond paintings might also reflect this tendency. Most writers can blog; no longer all bloggers can write! But preserve in mind; maximum bloggers are more practiced at the use of social media!

Did the blogger applicant ship to you an everyday model of their resume, or did they hassle to make it a document directed mainly for you?

Those “canned” resumes are excellent for most programs, but demand a higher general to your use. You want to engage a writer who will ship to you unique content. Their resume will let you know quite a lot about the form of a creator (blogger) they profess to be.

Is the applicant capable of following instructions?

Write a nonsensical requirement in the task application instructions. This is a superb manner to “weed-out” folks that are unwilling or not able to comply with easy instructions. From my beyond writing revel in, I know that non-profit foundations will ask for an unusual kind or font just to see who is paying interest.


How do I realize what to pay my blogger?

This is a superb question! My revel in indicates which you get what you pay for. A $7 weblog post is ready as appropriate as a $12 blog publish and neither considered one of them are worth a great deal. Sure, in case you have become a person who’s just beginning out, they could do a terrific process at that price. A correct rule of thumb is that a tri-weekly blog posting ordinary to consist of some social media interaction need to cost you approximately $three hundred – $four hundred USD a month, in 2011 greenbacks. Remember, you get what you pay for!

Should I base pay on overall performance?

Absolutely! If you are becoming a nice surge in website traffic, you’ll need to maintain directly to that blogger. When you negotiate your first agreement, accomplish that for say a 3 or six month trial period. After that, you could arrange any additional repayment that may be warranted.

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