Why A Land Survey Is Necessary For Home Buyers

If you’re planning to buy a house, it is necessary to know the important details about the land it sits on. You need to know every single detail and legal description of the property. However, finding these details on your own is simply not possible without the help of a professional. For this reason, you should think of hiring a property surveyor to perform a detailed land survey.

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For saving a few dollars, skipping property survey is a big mistake. If you look at the benefits that a property survey offers, you’ll notice that it outweigh the cost involved. You might feel confident that everything is fine with the property but still you can never be so sure. To avoid future headaches such as boundary disputes, a land survey is the best decision you’ll ever make. It will clearly show the boundaries of the property, the lot size and property description to know if you are truly getting what you are paying for. So, before we look at the reasons to conduct a land survey, it’s is necessary to know what exactly it means.

What is a Land Survey?

Land survey, also known as property survey involves outlining the legal boundaries and other features of a land to come up with a graphic depiction of a property, similar to a map. These days, professional property surveyors use the latest technology such as GPS and altimeter to lay out the exact dimensions and elevation of a property.

Now, as you know what a property survey means, let’s quickly move to the reasons why every home buyer should protect their investment with a property survey.

1. Boundary Lines

Buying a property is a big investment. You need to know the exact location of boundary lines and other lines of occupancy or possession. The boundary line certification will establish whether the legal description of the property is accurate. This will help you in future if you need to build a fence or make any structural changes.

2. Eliminates Disputes over Boundary Lines

With the help of accurate information about boundary lines and other demarcations of possession, you can avoid boundary disputes. A land survey is extremely useful when there’s a disagreement over where one person’s property ends and another’s begins. A detailed property survey will prevent disputes over erecting a fence or constructing a driveway.

3. Zoning Classification

Maybe, you’re already aware of the zoning classification, but there might also be some restrictions in place. A certified land survey will reveal zoning classifications, as well as tells if there are any specific restrictions on how you can use the property. The survey will determine whether the property is zoned for residential or light industrial use. It is the best way to ensure that the land is being used in accordance with the zoning ordinances.

4. Details on Underground Cables & Drains

You can easily find out poles and above-ground wires, but what about the underground cables and drains. A comprehensive land survey will reveal details about the underground drains, water, electricity, gas, and telephone lines, as well as other wires and cables. This information is crucial because a utility company may have the right to use a portion of your property for the maintenance of utility lines.


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