New Technology To Watch In 2015

Convenience, safety, and mobility are at the forefront of many new merchandises, and rightly so. Here’s a look at a few recreation changing generation merchandise with a purpose to impact the manner we work and stay in 2015 and beyond.

1. Secret Smart Bracelet

The Secret (stated “secret”) bracelet (nevertheless within the prototype and assignment capital investment section) turns your forearm into a complete-coloration, touch-touchy phone show with a simple flick of the wrist.

You can do anything you will do on a telephone or tablet, entire with swiping functionality, in your pores and skin. It pairs to your phone through Bluetooth and will include either 16GB or 32GB of storage.

For secret agent wannabes, the unfastened Android app is to be had now. It presents absolutely secure, fully nameless and untraceable chatting, sharing and facts exchange. Only different customers to whom you deliver your private ID can contact you and vice versa; each interplay with different Secret customers has its personal encryption. You can also keep a text or audio report for your computer and get it back to your smartphone with Secret.Technology

Watch the promo video on Cicret.Com; attempt a beta model of the app on Google Play.

2. Mobile Payment Systems

Apple Pay, a cell fee answer, became released in October. It is a contactless fee generation that allows users to pay with their iPhone, Apple Watch, or iPad (Air 2 or mini 3)-no real wallet or credit cards required. You simply enter your credit score and debit card records into Passbook (you may additionally achieve this out of your iTunes account) and it’s miles securely stored there.

Stores and banks that take delivery of it have contactless (no swiping) readers at the counters/cashier stations. The iPhone 6 uses close to area communications (NFC)-just hold the phone close to the contactless reader together with your finger at the screen’s Touch ID icon. On the Apple Watch, double-click on the button next to the virtual crown and preserve the watch face close to the contactless reader. You can also use Apple Pay within apps on iPhone 6 and the enabled iPads; at checkout, virtually pick out Apple Pay and place your finger on Touch ID.


Apple Pay has some nifty integrated safety capabilities to guard customers. A unique Device Account Number (a “token”) is encrypted and securely stored in a committed chip on the tool. These numbers, which can be used to system your payments, are in no way stored on Apple servers so your records are secure. The Device Account Numbers additionally guard your real credit or debit card numbers against being shared with merchants or transmitted with a price.

Transaction information is not saved either, so your bills are personal. Plus, you by no means have to reveal your non-public information (name, card number, protection code) to cashiers as you do whilst using a credit score card.

3. Connected Cars

Cars have become the last mobile wi-fi device. Your gadgets can hook up with cars via utility interfaces and car manufacturers are presenting elective in-vehicle Wi-Fi routers. Some (including GM, Volvo, Nissan, Mercedes and BMW) are running on smartwatch-related automobiles. The 2015 Hyundai Genesis is even well suited with Google Glass.

GM plans to equip most 2015 Chevrolets with integrated OnStar 4G LTE that turns your Chevy into a wi-fi warm spot in your cellphone, tablet, laptop, or Apple Newton. Also look for apps and numerous radio streaming applications in automobiles.

All this onboard wi-fi era has exciting commercial enterprise applications. Mobile solutions inclusive of those from AutoNet exchange the manner people will work from the road for:

Sales and cell professionals – Improve productivity through submitting reviews, scheduling meetings, and updating internet site statistics or actual property listings from the auto.

Truck/automobile fleets – Boost efficiency with less expensive vicinity tracking, nimbly reroute drivers to satisfy purchaser pickup requests or adjustments, set indicators for preventive preservation, pull cell time cards for drivers and much greater.

Shuttle buses and rental vehicles – Reduce downtime for busy passengers/customers and improve carrier. Connected motors let them get the cutting-edge online information, do online shopping, replace journey reservations, take a look at email, transfer documents.

First responders – Connected ambulances can transmit EKG readouts to hospitals and get admission to drug indexes, emergency remedy physicians or reaction courses.

Law enforcement – Officers can get admission to at ease internet-based crime databases. For more routine matters, wi-fi handheld ticketing gadgets can update handwritten paper tickets.

Connected cars are not all paintings and no play; in addition, they interface with Facebook, Spotify, Pandora, on-line content material and portable gaming consoles.

4. Multi-Device Keyboards

Logitech’s Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard K480 may be used with up to three Bluetooth wi-fi devices (they have to assist outside keyboards) and is platform neutral. Type to your PC, check social media to your tablet and reply to a text to your phone all from one keyboard.

The Easy-Switch dial lets in customers to toggle between three linked Bluetooth wi-fi devices. The incorporated Cradle is ergonomically set to maintain your cell phone or pill at simply the proper perspective so one can study even as you type. It’s cheaper, lightweight, and superb for travel or as a new sort of docking station/keyboard for the workplace.

Five. Mobile Printing

You’re already the usage of your cell phone, PC or pill to share or paintings on files now you may print from them the use of the HP 1200w Mobile Print Accessory for NFC-enabled gadgets. It connects to the USB port of your office’s supported HP LaserJet, OfficeJet Mobile printers and multi-characteristic printers for wireless direct printing. It’s cozy because it bypasses your network with a peer-to-peer connection and print documents are sent the use of 128-bit encryption. You can also control get right of entry to in your printer. The embedded print capability is to be had for Apple iOS, Samsung Android, and Windows eight; for cellular devices without integrated print help, users should first download the HP ePrint software.

6. Mobile Device Management

In a BYOD world, it’s turning into ever more important to comfy cellular access to corporation statistics. Whether employees are using their personal or employer-issued devices, IT managers have to have a way to control all of the users, devices, and information from a relevant console.Watch

In order to safeguard enterprise records, you want to understand who’s connecting to your information and structures, and from which device. Products which includes MaaS360 provide the control and safety companies want to manage devices and cellular structures with a true 360 view of who is using what, in which and how.

7. USB-drive cufflinks

Never show up to a presentation without USB backup with those unique and fashionable USB cufflinks; every has 4GB of flash memory and a concealed USB connector. Pop open the cufflink and plug your flash drive. Sending them as a present? You can have them engraved on your preferred techy.

Looking to beautify your organization’s on-premise or cloud era in 2015?

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