Should I Use a Credit Card to Pay for My Wedding Expenses?

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It’s a great idea to use a credit card to pay for your wedding expenses. You can’t conveniently carry loads of cash while shopping for your wedding. So, a credit card comes in handy to facilitate all financial transactions for that big day.


Here are five reasons to use a credit card to finance your wedding expenditures.

#1 – Choose a Credit Card That Excludes Some Charges

Prefer to use credit cards with the following facilities to pay for your wedding expenses:

  • Zero annual fees

A free credit card comes with no annual maintenance fees for letting you use it. Even better, a lifetime free credit card never charges this fee. So, it’s better to use the latter to pay for your wedding expenses. Zero annual fees can reduce your credit card dues and help you clear the bill faster.

  • No over-the-limit fees

You usually have to spend a lot on your marriage. So, it’s good to use a credit card that won’t charge you when it’s used for payments beyond the assigned limit.

  • No cash advance fees

Some unplanned offline expenses may pop up on a wedding day, and you can’t avoid them. Then use a credit card offering interest-free cash withdrawals. So, you won’t be charged for drawing cash using the card.

#2 – Pick a Low-Interest Credit Card

Consider using a credit card with the lowest interest rate to pay for your wedding expenditures. Such a credit card will ensure minimal finance charges on the dues. So you can clear the balance faster and hence, spend freely on your special day without any worries.

#3 – Use a Rewards Credit Card

It’s a good idea to use a rewards credit card with the following benefits to finance your wedding expenditures:

#4 – Avail of Suitable Offers at Partner Merchants

Apply for a credit card that offers excellent deals on various shopping categories in association with multiple merchants.

This can discount certain purchases as follows related to your wedding:

  • Buying a branded wedding suit
  • Hotel bookings (especially for a destination wedding)
  • Purchasing designer wedding jewelry
  • Buying branded kitchen sets
  • Purchasing ethnic wedding footwear like jutis

#5 – Get a Loan Against Your Credit Card

You may feel that the offered line of credit isn’t enough to finance the enormous expenses for the big day. Then it’s best to take a loan against your card. You can slowly pay it back in EMIs within the given repayment tenure. Just learn the interest and processing fees charged for this facility. Also, check if any cashback percentage is offered on your first EMI transaction.

With a credit card, you can not only pay your wedding expenses smartly. You can even track them on the card statement for

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