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Traveling and Staying Safe in Dangerous Countries Or Areas

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Here are a number of my recommendations from being an experienced international tourist. I’ve been in some of the more relatively ‘risky’ parts of the sector; Indonesia, Colombia, Brasil. My guidelines here are geared greater in the direction of guys. The fundamental thing is to truly ‘know you belong.’ You don’t need to stand out like a ‘vacationer.’ The electricity you are undertaking is one of the essential matters.

If you have a strong, self-assured, unbiased, ‘minding your very own enterprise vibe’ like I continually bring, you are FAR less probably to be visible as an ability sufferer of mugging or drama. Even a chunk of ‘do not mess with me – live away’ vibe can make paintings to your gain as nicely. Another thing is to live far away from obviously dangerous areas like in impoverished areas, favelas, or barrios, except you, are with a collection (and daytime). You don’t want to truly ‘stand out’ either. Because I appearance so global, I wager that often works to my benefit to combination in.


I should, without a doubt, a bypass as South American in many elements (and feature), but in case you are pasty white and sincerely stand out, you can truly be greater conscious of factors, now not to appear like a high-quality tourist gringo. It really facilitates understanding a number of the language to get around in any case and appear like you belong. Give people recognition and do not try and entice problems. It’s now not fine to put on flashy earrings and so on while you’re going out at night time in a few cities. Talk with a guarantee to any cab drivers and know in which you are headed. In a few international locations wherein they’re greater approaching and competitive, you almost need to ‘suit’ that vibe in communicating with them – you do not need everyone mistaking you for a ‘weak’ traveler that they can prey upon but which you know how to manage yourself and understand the area (or veritably anticipate them to do their activity).


In Indonesia, I read beforehand of time and avoided the freelance cabbies. Stick with the government or town-regulated cabs whenever feasible. Try and memorize or take heed to the cab wide variety and feature it seem like you take account of it. Keep your belongings or any valuables DISCREET and out of sight. I like the usage of more simple and unassuming baggage. People advocate to journey with a pal, but I do not constantly do this. I’ve walked alongside Avenida Atlantica in Rio de Janeiro several instances by myself without any problem. A bodily presence and attention can genuinely assist you out if you seem like a victim or are ‘afraid’ to be in certain areas that will come upon you, and you will still be a potential victim. Take some self-defense lessons and work for your physical energy.

I have averted a variety of trouble using, no longer looking for a problem. However, I’m also more sturdy and direct in communicating with human beings I’m unsure about or who appear kind of sketchy. Some human beings ‘attract trouble.’ You do not need to be that guy. There have been some men inside the Army who continually attracted problems or who could have triggered hair tempers. Negative power can attract other tough human beings. There are men with a purpose to hold attracting hassle. Instead, you need that self-assured ‘staying out of other people’s commercial enterprise’ vibe.

This has were given to me through Indonesia, Brasil, and different regions, which ARE risky at the wrong time and place. My army background has helped with the confidence part. People ask if I’m ever afraid to journey certain locations, and my solution is ‘no.’ Dogs sense worry. I’m going to live impartial and effective, minding my very own business and respecting different’s areas. The best pal turned into combating the conflict in Iraq, and that becomes a far greater risk than touring semi-incognito as a civilian in Indonesia. So do your excellent not to draw trouble, being boisterous or arousing suspicion. Be sensible and aware at all times. If you have been able to lead an issue or get your factor throughout, that must stumble upon when dealing with positive forms of humans, however only use it in a preventative manner (i.e., A cabbie who might be seeking to rip you off).

Again, it is recommended to journey with discreet luggage. Use baggage locks and ALWAYS convey a laptop cord lock in case you use a PC…Out of sight, out of thoughts. Even in hostels or in rooms, I’m locking my PC up – now not out of worry but just as a proactive safety measure. On a Colombian overnight bus, I just saved the convey-on bag under me, latched around my legs, and made certain nobody ought to get right to entry to it from behind. It’s pretty much conscious, and having a ‘presence’ over your stuff will keep you away from most trouble. Always preserve your bag with you. It’s untested because it’s all preventative; however, searching another alpha male’s in the eye shortly out of admiring yet independent power (if they’re looking at you) and giving a faint nod at the same time as going again to your very own space can be ok. As long as your power is robust, that YOU do not thieve, and you’ve top karmic energy, you should be the nice maximum of the time. I never thieve, and I even back a wallet with the aid of biking throughout Madison to get it back to her…That has helped me out.


There are laptop thieves in some countries who will come to aid n bikes or clutch things rapidly, so don’t preserve matters within the open. Watch your digital camera around you if you’re using it. Watch out for open beer bottles. In a few locations, they could ‘positioned something’ like a pill into your drink. This took place to me once. However, I became still first-rate because my motel turned near, and I fell asleep fast. Get a local map and have an idea of where you are. Generally, it’s now not smart in any respect to be on foot around at night in sketchy regions. If so, do it with forwarding self-assurance, and it appears to be you recognize where you’re going. If you notice potential trouble down a positive aspect street, even if it’s for your direction, keep away from it. Stay in well-lit, public regions whenever viable.

When a few over-talkative Indonesian guys on a bus desired my U.S. Deal to ‘send me things,’ I civilly but confidently refused. I turned into the primary American a lot of those people ever had seen in Pacitan, Indonesia. Know some locals if at all viable. I had a tour manual with Plan International, which changed into a neighborhood and informed me of some neighborhood advice.

You may additionally locate decrease elegance folks that want to help you out with guidelines with the expectation of something in trade. This exists inside the U.S. In places as nicely. Be forward and confident with them in order things don’t move too far. I commonly with courtesy yet hopefully refuse. If they follow you and give you top advice, then supply them something fair, however modest in trade, and then wave them off as you expectantly flow on. It’s higher to invite for instructions from greater valid locations like stores or uniformed officers.

When I changed into attempting to find apartments in Rodadero, there have been a few sketchy Peli Grosso guys who wanted to help me out. My essential element become that I didn’t need to keep being pestered via them the whole month I turned into going to live there, so I checked out some residences. It clearly turned into my assertiveness in knowing what I liked and what I did not like and simply how I handled them. After I booked something, I became becameonally ‘in’ with the motel owner owners a room for a month who additionally had ‘clout’ in that place – and they had a comfortable ‘buzz in’ gate. I turned into sure to get something ‘cozy’ anyway for peace of thoughts, and it changed into on the 14th floor.

After I got here back down, I knew they wanted something to go back (or matters ought to get virtually pressured), so I had them order a few sodas and bread, and I paid for the entirety. That was virtually truthful anyways, and I’m all approximately change of price. They desired to pressure me into other matters later but I stated “no longer fascinated…I’m excellent thanks” and stored taking walks toward my destination. Eventually, they were given the idea. True confidence is first-class prevention. Try to combo in and be like a nearby…Know your way around.

In certain nations, do not deliver your pockets on your front OR returned wallet. Rather use a tour pouch* beneath your clothing to relaxed the basics. I commenced enjoyably and the notion I was first-class because normally people do not mess with me, but there were two incidents in Las Ramblas, there had been 2 incidents. One wherein a group of unpleasant yahoo’s got here up touching me, and they had lifted my pockets till I started out developing a few robust dramas as a friend said to ‘check my pockets’ and that they had left it on the ledge. I leveraged getting the police over here. That is something you can use their language and be REALLY ASSERTIVE in a scenario like that.

I can convey the warmth and create some big drama. Doing this with congruency can be really powerful in some cases. Another time, we were out past due, and I did not even realize it had been lifted…There are actually pros at choose-pocketing who paintings around Las Ramblas in Barcelona and that they stole my wallet without me even noticing for two hours (AND my back pocket was tight in shape). Because of excellent karma, I later was given the wallet again through Facebook (another tale, and it becomes all there except they took the coins).

If you have a room safe, use it. I generally best carry 1 or 2 proper ATM playing cards on me and SOME neighborhood forex – no longer a whole lot. REALLY be shielding if you’re going to Barcelona. Absolutely everyone has a story or is aware of someone who has things stolen. I had to send coins to a chum who had 500 Euro stolen, which he had withdrawn due to a scheme regarding a female and her lifting partner. So, in any case, there may be a few practical and skilled recommendations for ‘staying safe’ in a number of the more sketchy regions of the world. Try and room in a better class a part of town if possible or close to a traveler district. I love Brasil and other locations, so I actually have a really advantageous but still unbiased vibe about matters when I’m going around on my own. Having actual respect for the way of life allows as properly. It’s simply riskier in a few positive areas or towns, so this is lots of preventative stuff.

Research in advance online to peer what form of crime there’s…Frequently it’s simply petty theft or muggings. When a person broke into a neighbor’s apartment late at night (I live up late), I got here out with a thunderous aggressive voice as they have been scuffling, and then that helped him take off. From that point, I kept a frying pan (and NOT afraid to use it and I loved visualizing how I would use it with physical electricity) right close to the glass window and door so that they might get a concept of what would be in store for them. Suppose you have a Marine sticker that could include making paintings as well as a deterrent. Oh, and if you visit a country with a civil struggle (or like that outbreak in BKK), live away from the fighting as best you can. I changed into there throughout riots, and you stay away. It is no longer all as terrible ‘anywhere,’ just like the information makes it appear. Attract safety in preference to risk!

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