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There are greater than half of 1,000,000 android apps within the world. The i-Store, which formally garnered extra than 25 billion downloads in March this yr, gives 5.5 million downloads, with more than 170 000 apps specifically tailor-made on your iOS. If your head is not spinning with the variety on offer then I’ll hit you with the truth that around 300 000 of these apps were uploaded inside the final 3 years. Talk approximately an industry developing in a single day.Image result for South African App Market

All this has been pushed by way of an ever-growing level and availability of mobile hardware and solid operating platforms and improvement gear. Given the proliferation of mobile gadgets around the sector (more than eighty-five percentage of the planet is using them) you might nicely ask, has South Africa taken benefit of this new outlet for her talent and enterprise?

The answer, alas, is blended. South Africa has had some excellent blessings whilst in comparison with its friends at the continent. Unfortunately we’ve got a track file of sitting on our laurels. We have controlled to drop, or as a minimum fumble, the ball with regards to problems like teenagers development, the introduction of sustainable opportunity energies and the improvement of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructure.

So one would possibly nicely ask are we going to overlook the boat on the App growth too? It’s now not that I’m announcing we’re completely useless, it is greater a case of failing to seize possibilities. South Africa need to with the aid of proper, be one of the strongest players at the continent however allow’s examine what we have finished with our opportunities.

At the flip of this century, we had one of the pleasant telecommunications infrastructures at the continent however now our line speeds and statistics prices are falling some distance behind the rest of Africa. In 2012 our Internet penetration is much less than 14 percentage which places us in advance of the African average of 13.5% however well in the back of countries like Kenya (25%), Nigeria (29%) or Morocco (forty nine%). We are above common, sure, but right here’s my factor: while you do not forget our ability, is right sufficient all we must be aiming for?

Our bad performance when it comes to schooling and communications infrastructure might be the unmarried largest stumbling block in this us of a’s development. Certainly it is a first-rate thing in our lagging in the back of the relaxation of the world on the subject of taking gain of the app marketplace. Here we’ve a income-generating industry that absolutely everyone need to be capable of input, anywhere and at any time, and we are choking ourselves with old-line speeds and exorbitant prices for bandwidth.

Everyone can see how the e-tolling gadget will be bad for business and commuters. With that during thoughts wouldn’t it really surprise every person to listen that a recent have a look at performed for the Business Software Alliance placed us 18th out of 24 countries in our readiness for cloud computing? The file referred to our low ranges of Internet penetration and coffee stages of facts and communications technology as a trouble, and additionally went on to mention that there wishes to be better planning for the expansion of our high-pace networks (we’re currently lagging at the back of India in this department). Above all we are going to want to make the Web faster and extra low-cost if we’re going with the intention to compete internationally.

With a particularly limited infrastructure and costs that are nevertheless prohibitive for plenty, the penetration of apps is manifestly some distance in the back of what it has to be, but it is not all awful information. While we’ve got a manner to go in ensuring that our countrymen and girls get into the dependancy of downloading apps, in corporate terms we’re virtually now not to date at the back of the curve. As Richard Cheery of Afrozaar Apps puts it, “We surely do follow countries just like the US, South Korea and the EU with regards to well-known consumer new-media apps, but I believe our company and enterprise-to-commercial enterprise app paradigm isn’t always that some distance in the back of.” Indeed in certain industries like banking, South Africa is a global leader for the reason that we’re frequently used to piloting and checking out business software and structures.

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