How to Find and Install a Blogger Template

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While Blogspot’s default topics are high-quality sufficient, most bloggers would alternatively customize their blogs to represent what they may be running a blog about accurately. Fortunately, the Blogger manage panel offers a way to quickly installation Blogger templates.


Finding a Blogger Template

Many websites provide free or paid templates for Blogspot bills. Performing a look for “blogger templates” will turn up masses of net websites that you may browse to discover a template. Blogger templates typically come inside the shape of XML files. Sites that provide Blogger templates usually have a download link to assist you in saving the template to your computer. After you’ve got saved the template XML report, installing a Blogger template involves following these steps:


1) log in to your Blogger account. If you don’t but have a Blogger account, you will need to create one. Blogger debts are free and only require an electronic mail deal to get started.

2) Click on the “Layout” hyperlink similar to the blog for which you want to install a new template.

3) From the Layout tab, click on on the “Edit HTML” hyperlink. This will take you to the display screen that permits you to upload the XML document out of your PC representing the Blogger template you’re installing.

4) Click the “Browse” button on the pinnacle of the page. Using the browser window, find the XML report for your new template. Select the XML file, and click “Open.” The browse window will appear near. Now click on “Upload” to put in your new template.

5) If your new template becomes set up with no issues, you will see a message that says, “Your adjustments were saved.” Followed using a link to view your updated weblog. Click on the hyperlink to affirm that your new template is running the manner you assume it to.

How to Install a New Blogger Template Easily

Installing a new Blogger Template is an easy task, and it can be executed in just a few mins. Blogger templates are in XML format and not like WordPress Themes, which can be in PHP. A Blogger template is an XML document compared to a WordPress subject matter that could encompass photograph folders, feature folders, and several PHP files. You do not want an FTP or Cpanel to transfer the XML report because you may do the transfer to your Blogger Dashboard. To set up a brand new template, log to your Blogger account at blogger.Com.

Click on Layout =>Edit HTML.


There are options on the Edit HTML page to put in your new template. You can either add from the vicinity to your PC or, without a doubt reproduction the XML code and paste it within the Edit HTML field. The add option is suggested—backup your active template before intending by clicking on Download Template. If something goes wrong along with your new template setup, you can effortlessly retrieve your previous template.

Click on browse in and find the stored new template, then upload. Blogger may also set off you that one or greater widgets can be misplaced if you proceed with the setup. Proceed anyway. Click on a shop at the end of the Edit HTML box or Preview to preview the template earlier than finishing the installation. Then the brand new blogger subject will update the previous template, and it can be viewed on your weblog without delay. To edit the template and add new widgets or gadgets, go to Layout=>Page Elements. Many individuals are in reality bored with the traditional simple blogger templates. You can, in truth, trade the blogger template into something that appears a whole lot better and up to the instances – you just ought to make certain you begin these days!

How to Edit your Blogger Template

There are many stuff and lots of distinctive methods wherein you may edit your blogger templates on your success. One approach is to go to the blogger dashboard, pick out your weblog, then choose the layout tab. Here, you can either alter the web page elements and regulate the gadgets on your weblog (to change relying on your template), could trade the fonts and colorations by using choosing the “fonts and colors” sub-tabs, edit the html to trade links, or the look, and even select a brand new template.

One of my favored techniques is to do the subsequent – You can move download and unzip an XML blogger template from a internet site like mashable. There are many themes on the internet; simply certainly type in “blogger + templates” on the Google seek bar and be amazed at what comes out. Now when you try this, you want to visit layout, then click the edit html sub-tab. Once you’re in this, you clearly browse, upload, and affirm and shop – there’s the new template of your preference!

How to Make Money with Your New Stylized Blog

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