Five Simple Tips To Make Your Website Look Beautiful

When it comes to grabbing attention on the Internet, or anywhere for that matter, visuals are everything. Getting creative with your website’s design, with colors, fonts, headers, footers and the like, will go a long way in not only gaining more viewers, but keeping them as well. Following these simple tips will make a night-and-day difference in any website.


Changing the font is one of the most simplest yet effective ways to improve the appearance of a website. With the sheer number of fonts available, one can tailor his or her website’s text to any theme or topic. Google Web Fonts is a great place to check out for those who want a larger variety of fonts. Certain fonts are really good at grabbing attention.


Textures are equally as effective in increasing attractiveness of websites. SubtlePatterns offers quite a variety of different textures. Overall, adding texture to a website makes it seem more real, and perhaps even credible. In theory, people tend to put more belief in 3D visuals rather than 2D ones, due to the fact that most of reality is three dimensional. Aside from that, textures greatly increase the variety of different atmospheres, or themes, that one can integrate into their website.



If you want to make your site not only more beautiful, but also more memorable, choose a theme. There are lots of ways to do this, and it doesn’t have to be hard. Your theme could be simple, but even a photo that’s memorable and pleasant will keep people coming back to your site.

White Space

White space, defined as the empty space between images, words and other items of the like, is neither a good or bad thing. However, websites that crumble everything together, leaving very little white space, may overwhelm and discourage certain viewers, especially those who are not very “technically inclined.” On the other hand, too much white space can make a website look plain and boring, so it’s important to find the right balance.


Icons are essentially labels that can be used for different parts of a website, such as “menu.” They usually have no words and are entirely visual. Icons can also be used simply for decoration. Fortunately, there are countless free icon sets on the internet. Also, make sure to keep a balance while using icons. Too many icons makes a website look confusing and scrambled, while very few icons add nothing to appearance. Having appropriate icons is important as well. For instance, one wouldn’t want food-related icons on their apparel website.

Create a Color Scheme

Creating a color scheme involves designing a website to where all colors are similar or related in someway. Many make the unfortunate mistake of using every color they can in their website, making the website look inconsistent. What defines “consistent” is entirely up to the website owner, but be sure to have some level of uniformity.


There are literally hundreds of different ways, both simple and complex, to make your website visually stunning. Starting with the simple tips first will slowly acclimate one to move onto more advanced, complex changes.

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