Dragon Professional dictation software review – say it instead of typing it

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I didn’t type this story. I used my voice to put in writing it. And I did that with Dragon Professional from Nuance, which has brilliant speech recognition generation so that you can say it rather than kind it. It’s a commonplace know-how that we can talk faster than we can make kind, and Dragon Professional lets you benefit from that reality to create whole your files even faster. To be had for computer systems and mobile gadgets, the software program is extra correct than ever before.


We’ve tried Dragon over time and determined it to be extraordinary; however nowhere near as accurate as it’s far these days. This new edition permits customers to no longer most effective dictate; however, they also control popular packages on their computer systems simply using their voice. The dragon can launch applications, pick out menu objects, transfer among home windows or even conduct net searches using your voice. For our assessment, we, in particular, used it to write some of the reviews you could read properly right here on our Tech Guide internet site. It allowed us to write our testimonies while not having to move returned and accurate any errors we normally make, even as typing. We especially used Dragon with Microsoft Word and gave it a try and dictated emails instead of typing them. In fact, anywhere on your laptop in which you may enter the textual content, you may use your voice instead of the keys. Set up is simple and easy, and the system needs hardly any education for it to lock onto your voice and dictate with splendid pace and accuracy.


Whatever we said, we noticed on the screen a 2nd later. It builds a profile for each person to maintain its dazzling accuracy. And with integrated deep getting to know generation, Dragon is constantly studying and adapting to no longer best your voice however additionally your surroundings. We have used the software in our office and with the television on within the background to a low extent. Complete silence is manifestly better because some phrases creep in from the TV if the volume was too excessive.

We used Dragon on a MacBook Pro, and it used the PC’s integrated microphone to hear and transcribe what we were announcing. There is no need to wear a special headset or use an external microphone. The dragon did work when we spoke thru our earphones mic as well. For our evaluation, we used Dragon to write our information testimonies and reviews and regularly needed to use organization names and model numbers. It got the agency names right most of the time, but we needed to tidy up the version numbers. Dragon easily diagnosed names, locations, numbers, and dollar values.

But just as effortlessly as it diagnosed our voice and transcribed our words, it’s also easy to go returned and make corrections with your voice. The greater you operate it, the higher you get – and the higher Dragon receives. It receives to understand phrases and terms that you use quite regularly and recognizes them whilst you use them once more. The dragon can also examine acronyms and different precise or unique terms and import and export custom word lists. And it’s all accomplished offline in the software. It doesn’t require a connection to the net for dictation. The only time Dragon wishes to hook up with the net is to set off it after buy and to download any software updates.

This useful software also can transcribe audio notes. Dragon helps digital voice recorders and smartphones and might robotically transcribe your audio notes again to the textual content. But earlier than reporters start celebrating this leap forward, it needs to be mentioned that Dragon will best recognize your voice. Each third-birthday celebration speaker might require their very own license to be diagnosed. Some of the things we didn’t like approximately Dragon become its tendency to insert additional space between bursts of dictation – but this became best a minor issue and without difficulty corrected with a keystroke. The cursor might additionally once jump returned to the previous line; however, again, this didn’t appear very regularly. This might have been a bug that might, without difficulty, be corrected with an update. When the Dragon software is lively on your PC, you will see a floating window that permits you to show the microphone on or off or set it to sleep mode.


This is available whilst you want to answer a phone call or communicate to someone else while you’re in the middle of dictating a record. There have been a couple of occasions wherein we forgot to turn off the microphone and have been amused to look at our conversation aspect at the bottom of the story we had been running on. Like everything, practice makes it best, and it is simple to dive back into tutorials so that you can study greater and achieve more with your voice. One of the standout outcomes of using Dragon was a dramatic boom in our productiveness. Stories that we commonly typed ought to now be dictated in less than half of the time – and with ways fewer mistakes to accurate.


Dragon Professional is aimed at busy experts who spend loads of time completing files and writing. It will dramatically boom your productivity. It’s now not reasonably priced at $475, but going by the point it could save you, you may speedily get that back. After all, time is cash.

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