Create & Manage Spark Email Templates & Canned Responses

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If you locate yourself emailing the equal electronic mail time and again with only a few changes along with new addresses, or if you’re continuously replying to messages with the equal reaction, typing it out every time is, nicely, a waste of time. Spark, a third-party e-mail consumer for cell gadgets, takes all the work out of this — irrespective of which email account you need it for.
Spark’s function is corresponding to Gmail’s and different email services’ canned responses, which will let you create custom e-mail templates you could pick from whether or not you are sending an email to someone first or simply replying. While maximum services, together with Gmail and Apple Mail, restrict templates to desktop and web apps, Spark’s is available right inner its mobile app and works for Gmail, Apple Mail, Yahoo, and so forth.
To start, make sure you are strolling the ultra-modern version of Spark for your device. While Spark is available for both iOS and Android, templates are handiest to be had for iPhones right now. Template supported started in Spark model 2.1 for iOS, however, it really works slightly distinctive now on more modern versions.

Step 1Access the Template Editor
There are two ways to begin a template. First, in any draft, tap the template icon within the menu bar, then faucet the + (plus) button in the top right of the Templates page. All linked money owed and teams with template folders will seem. If you are not sure which folder to keep your template to, begin with “My templates.” Once you choose a folder, the template editor will launch.
The 2nd way to attain this template editor is through the in-app settings. Whenever you’re viewing your inbox or every other folder which includes sent emails, either tap the hamburger menu icon inside the pinnacle left or swipe proper from the left side, then tap “Settings.” Next, tap “Templates,” and you may discover your self on the equal folder selection display as inside the first technique. Tap the + (plus), then select your folder.
You cannot make custom template folders, so use “My templates” for personal ones and a group folder for templates you’d like other crew participants which will get entry to.

Step 2Name & Draft Your Template
First, upload a call for the custom template in the “Name your template” subject up top. You can change this at any time if wished. This title will now not be shown to any recipients as is handiest for you or your team to assist discover the template wanted.
If you understand how to write an email, you already know how to create a template. You shop both a topic and frame together with your template, which is just like writing an everyday message. You can upload attachments with the paperclip icon, and you’ll even see the same wealthy text formatting equipment supplied in the menu bar above the keyboard. The one aspect you might not find right here, however, is the signature field, which you may best upload after deciding on your template in a draft.
For the ones of you who craft emails with HTML, you could really insert the HTML code proper into the body of the e-mail and Spark will understand it as such.

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