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PUBG is a multiplayer online game and abbreviated as Player Unknown Battle Ground. It is very famous worldwide and played by every age of people for entertainment purposes. This game is viral due to its real-time graphic design and helps feature to connect with friends via the help of Twitter.  Moreover, players who registered on a Twitter account can try new beta version features without official launching. PUBG Twitter support uses this option as a survey to get feedback on new features and game improvements. After getting the feedbacks, the feedbacks developers make significant improvements for further updates.

To be a part of this developer team, you have to make some changes in your Pubg to get Pubg help Twitter. Pubg supports Twitter is those iPhone users who can’t access the Google player account to update their progress. So, the Pubg via Twitter linked your account for updating your progress on the online platform. Furthermore, the new update of the Pubg game allows linking multiple guest accounts with Twitter.

Pubg via Twitter

To get this feature for Pubg support Twitter, users have to connect their gaming account with Twitter. There is a step-by-step guide on how to link a Twitter account with Pubg Twitter.

  • First of all, go to the game setting in the top right corner of the main menu.
  • After opening the setting, check your linked option and check which account is linked with it, like Facebook and Google PlayStore.
  • Here, you can see your latest linked account or guest account option to connect with the Twitter Pubg. Click on the ‘More’ option below the linked account.
  • After opening more options, you can see options like Facebook, Twitter, and WeChat.
  • Press on the Twitter account; then a confirmation tab opens for confirmation for earlier accounts unlinking.
  • On this confirmation, tab click on OK. This option confirms the deletion of your saved data on an earlier account and transfers it to pubg Twitter.
  • After pressing OK, players can redirect to Twitter pubg support page for authorization and further options.
  • If you already have an account on Twitter on this page, you can quickly log in through your official Twitter account. Don’t worry if you don’t have an account on Twitter; you can sign up for the Pubg Twitter account through the same authorization page’s sign-up option.
  • After login into the Twitter account, again, a confirmation tab will open for Authorize PubgMObile to use your Twitter account for Pubg Twitter.
  • Press on the authorize app tab; by doing this, you can read tweets, see followers, and update your game progresses on your pubg Twitter account.
  • After authorizing, go back to settings and again check the linked account with pubg mobile. Here, players can see the logos of earlier connected accounts as well as the Twitter logo.

Benefits of linking account with Pubg Twitter support

  • The first benefit of connecting with Twitter is the regular saving of your social media platform’s progress.
  • By linking your account with pubg Twitter, players can invite their Twitter friends to play arena with you.
  • Many online players find it difficult to find online players and ask how to find someone’s Twitter with pubg? It is easy to find players by linking accounts with the Twitter pubg.
  • For searching for a new mate for playing the game, you can search in the search box to invite them to gameplay with you. Please make sure you search by the nickname of the player or the account name of the player.
  • Online gamers can link multiple guest accounts with the same Twitter account, and the progress of guest accounts automatically saved on your pubg Twitter account.
  • Pubg Support account on Twitter, update their account with the latest games consoles, seasons, and latest updates. This Pubg Twitter support can help you with your account’s safety and give reward by your season rankings.

How to link the same Twitter to multiple guest accounts Pubg?

To link your guest accounts with Twitter is almost the same as linking Twitter accounts with pubg mobile. Here are the steps for linking multiple guest accounts.

  • Open the game and log in to a guest account.
  • Go to the settings option of the Pubg mobile.
  • Then click on + sign-in linked options.
  • After clicking on the + sign, you can see various social media accounts like Google Play, Twitter, Facebook, and WeChat.
  • Click on the logo of the Twitter account.
  • Then log in through your Twitter account; if you don’t have a Twitter account, sign up here.
  • After login or sign up, authorize the pubg mobile for data synchronization.
  • After synchronizing data close your game app and login again with the same guest account.

However, if you are not satisfied with Twitter pubg support or afraid of threatening personal Data or hacking, you can easily unlink your pubg mobile accounts or guest accounts from the Twitter account. But we suggest you be linked with pubg support for the latest updates and numerous benefits of pubg Twitter support.

How to unlink pubg mobile from Twitter?

Your pubg supports account from any social platform like Facebook, Twitter, and Google play store for unlinking. You have to open your linked platform accounts like unlinking from Twitter pubg Support; you have to log in to your Twitter account on the computer or the app. Preferably on the computer and have to follow the below-mentioned steps to unlink.

  • Login on Twitter in the mobile app.
  • After login, you can see the many options like profile, lists, topics, bookmarks, privacy and support, and help center.
  • Click on the setting and privacy tab of your Twitter accounts.
  • Here you can see options like precise location, personalized data, and see your Twitter Data.
  • Tap on see your Twitter account Data.
  • After tapping options for an account, account history, and apps, device information showed. Then click on Apps, devices, and information options.
  • After opening these options, you see the option for connected apps and click on it.
  • List of games and connected apps with your Twitter account shown in this and click on pubg mobile.
  • Then you can see the revoke access option and press on it.

By following these steps, you can successfully delete your Pubg Twitter support account from Twitter.

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