Common Band Website Mistakes and Why You Should Be Using WordPress

With such a lot of WordPress band issues available to musicians and indie bands on the interweb, it makes me marvel why the usage of one of the simplest, maximum user-pleasant website structures is so tough for state-of-the-art indie bands and musicians.

I get that this will be considered a big endorsement for WordPress and I’m no longer in any respect ashamed. I love WordPress and apply it to ALL of my personal websites.Image result for Ways to Improve Your WordPress Development Skills

Of direction, there are different platforms like Joomla, Drupal, Bandzoogle, and lots more I’ve in all likelihood ignored currently available to the latest indie band. But the truth is none of them presents the convenience of use, seo energy, and complete band website manipulate like website hosting your very personal WordPress band subject matter.

Why Should You Be Using a WordPress Theme for Your Website?

We both know simply how difficult it is to make it in the global of tune, so your band internet site should NOT be an area in which you spend too much time annoying about. You DO need to have an expert piece of the online actual estate you could without problems proportion with lovers and people elusive song industry sorts, but it is now not something you’ll want to consider for any more time than is simply necessary.

Of route your band website needs to affect traffic, however, it is much greater crucial that it’s clean so that it will use, replace and hook up with all of your social media sites. WordPress band issues permit you to perform this and plenty greater. And we each realize that adding inside the complexities of seo to a band internet site is probably extra than sufficient to make any musician’s head spin but the WordPress platform makes coping with this so smooth, that not taking benefit of this exquisite tool for your track marketing and band merchandising efforts is an unforgivable sin.

The 5 Most Common Website Mistakes:

1 – The use of Flash-based website design. WordPress internet site topics are a whole lot of extra consumer and search engine marketing pleasant.

I do not see many flash websites nowadays however if you’re new to the game DO NOT keep in mind this an alternative. Flash is a killer for search engines like google and yahoo and cell phones.

2 – Hard to examine websites. Using beside the point historical past colorings.

Your band internet site needs to be easy on the eyes. A band internet site should be designed to be easy to examine, smooth to discover and smooth to move.

3 – Hard to locate or lacking touch paperwork and approximately pages.

Make it easy for your fans to get in touch. Let the folks that come in your page know extra approximately you. Create a revel in they won’t forget about and who is aware of… They will love you for a lifetime.

Four – Stagnant and rancid content.

Rare updates and little to no data on what your band otherwise you as an artist is currently working on. WordPress makes updating your band internet site clean. Updating your tune and occasions may be as easy as typing up a letter in Word.

5 – Lack of readability, purpose, and awareness. No clear cause for lovers to dig deeper into the band website.

A WordPress band topic’s foundation is built on WordPress. It’s an established content material device is extraordinarily smooth to control. The WordPress platform has been designed for clarity, the usage of categories and topics, and powerfully constructed in search engine optimization functions to make your life clean.

Using a WordPress Band Theme Can Help You Eliminate the 5 Most Common Website Mistakes

I’ve simply listed the five maximum common band website errors that way too many musicians are still making. It’s extraordinarily unfortunate, but those mistakes may be hurting your song business and band promoting efforts so I’ve taken the time to study each mistake in greater intensity and demonstrate how you could counteract those troubles with using a well-designed WordPress band internet site subject matter.

Once you recognize how essential having your own band internet site is to your track advertising and band advertising efforts, I’m sure you’ll choose a WordPress band internet site subject matter in place of your present or future band websites.

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