Beginners Guide to Buying a New Computer

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With every person being so reliant on computers to carry out all forms of obligations like video editing, photo introduction, residence layout, facts garage, emailing, social media, conferencing, or maybe simply chatting to a pal on the alternative facet of the arena, it’s vital to recognize what sort of laptop and add-ons you will want before you make a buy. So many of us are not too positive to begin, whilst it comes to buying a new PC. We rely on what someone else has instructed us or what the PC sales individual tells us. This article provides you with a few beneficial tips on shopping for a PC and accessories to meet your requirements and help prevent you from falling prey to push income people.


Not understanding your laptop requirements and what you should buy puts you at a drawback and at the mercy of some salespeople who want to make a sale, no matter whether it meets your want or now not. Therefore, being none the wiser, we tend to accept what we are being informed as gospel, only to discover afterward that we had been misinformed.

Extra Costs

You pay attention to memories of human beings who have just bought a laptop based on a person’s say so, only to discover in a while that they want to purchase something greater. For example, a software program trial application that got here with the PC wishes to be purchased because the trial model has expired.


Trial variations normally last for 60 days; after that, you need to buy a license to preserve to apply it. Most first PC customers are not told that they’ll want to buy a software program license whilst the pains run out. MS Office and Antivirus trial software are usually the 2 principal programs already hooked up on a new PC.

As a side notice, you could keep some cash through downloading a free MS Office appearance-alike program which includes OpenOffice that does all that MS Office does, and downloading a unfastened antivirus program, including AVG. I propose which you buy a retail model of antivirus software that consists of a firewall. The firewall enables shielding your PC from hackers and applications that try to gain entry to on your computer at the same time as related to the net. A firewall acts as a security fence.



1) Note down what you would love to do with your new computer, e.G., browse the internet, send e-mail, chat with and examine live video of the distant circle of relatives and pals, type up letters, play homemade films, play a song, print out pictures, and so on.

2) Ask your own family or pals to see if everybody can propose an amazing computer save or a perfect logo of PC they have got in my view used, and feature had a perfect run from.

3) If you have got a computer-savvy buddy, ask them to accompany you that will help you together with your PC purchase.

4) Take a while; it is your cash you are spending. Ask a whole lot of questions. Do not let any shop clerk sell you what they want, but buy what you want in step with your tick list. Get them to answer your questions in non-technical language. Be assertive, however, polite. If a salesperson cannot be afflicted to take some time to provide an explanation for matters to you and solve your questions, then locate another salesperson or keep to.

5) Ask what the pleasant charge is and what extras are they organized to throw in.


Your choice criteria will be primarily based on the subsequent. A first-rate logo is well-known and has been around for a while e.G. Asus, Dell, HP, or a famous, domestically assembled brand. My recommended minimum requirements for a PC for fundamental usage based on present-day generation are as follows.

  • Intel I five 2.3X GHz or I 7 2.8X GHz CPU (The speed of the processor)
  • 750GB Hard Drive (The amount of internal storage)
  • 4GB Ram (The amount of reminiscence)
  • Graphics Card 1GB Ram
  • Combo CD/DVD/Blue-Ray Burner
  • Keyboard/Mouse
  • Speakers
  • Bluetooth
  • Ethernet port
  • USB ports (at least 6)
  • 20″ LCD Monitor PC
  • Windows 7 Operating device
  • Antivirus Software 1 yr license (if viable)

One that has a warranty of 1 to a few years, preferably 3 years. If it is not too expensive, buy an extended warranty if the PC simplest comes with a 1 12 months guarantee. Check what the guarantee covers and if it comes with an on-website online or returns to base guarantee. An on-web page guarantee is where the carrier technician comes out to your property to carrier your PC. This eliminates the problem of disconnecting your PC gadget and taking it from the service middle for the provider. Though it’s far more convenient so one can have an on-website warranty, it isn’t critical, simply as long as you have got an assurance cowl of a few types.

Check if the PC upkeep is performed locally or does the computer ought to be sent away. If it must be despatched away, inquire as to what the restore turnaround time generally is. It is a good deal higher to purchase a laptop with a nearby carrier center, as the restore turnaround time has to be a lot shorter. It also has the advantage of you being capable of dealing with the carrier center individually when you have any issues, in place of coping with a call middle with the aid of a cellphone in some other part of the country or overseas.


If you need to email, chat and view the own family through the internet or print out letters. You’ll want to buy extra hardware objects, consisting of a web camera, an inkjet or laser printer, a broadband modem, and a broadband bundle for internet use.


Web cameras are not pricey, so buy an amazing quality one. A correct access-stage inkjet or laser printer these days are not pricey both; however, one vital aspect of discovering earlier than you purchase a printer is the price of its consumables, i.E. Ink cartridges for the inkjet printer and the laser cartridge and drum for the laser printer. Inquire also about the average value according to the page for black printing and color printing as some printer consumables aren’t cost-effective to apply.


If you do no longer have everyone that will help you set up your new PC, then you may get a PC technician to call spherical and set up your computer, printer, email, and broadband before you do that, although, inquire around to get the high-quality fee and notice if they could come up with an estimate of the time and cost involved.


Finally, you will want to guard your new PC, printer, and modem from the opportunity of electrical harm by buying a perfect fine surge/spike protector.

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