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If you have been doing music for any length of time, which you don’t ought to be into recording for computer systems to be a huge assist. They assist out in each other place of existence, so why have to your song profession — whether or not it’s complete time or element time, newbie or seasoned, making a song or drumming — be any distinctive?


Even in case you’re now not ready, willing or able to strive to build a sub-$one thousand recording studio (no longer counting the price of the computer, that you have already got, of path), you could use your PC or Mac to do flyers for gigs, hold the books, tweak digital pictures or even films, pursue a few (felony) e-mail campaigns and masses of different things. But when you have jumped off into computer-based digital recording (in preference to digital recording the usage of a stand-by myself, difficult-disk-based, all-in-one studios like a Roland V-series or Korg D series), then the computer is extra than your bookkeeper or personnel artist. It’s your co-manufacturer.


You’re the boss

Sometimes you might not experience like you’re the boss, although, especially when the computer freezes inside the middle of a consultation, or crashes throughout a vital up- or download, or does any number of different ungeeky matters. It isn’t unusual for each Mac and PCs, while used because the hub of a busily spinning tune manufacturing surroundings, to grow to be occasionally “uncooperative.” It might not begin up at some point, it might start and freeze sooner or later, it might simply sit there or it may heave and chug and go “sproing,” too.

Let’s check what to do whilst the reluctant or troublemaking co-manufacturer isn’t always your human accomplice (for once) however your computer. This time we’ll look at lifeless, death or dysfunctional Macs, and all over again we’ll talk about PCs. We will address the maximum not unusual situations, wherein you have got strength and all of the portions are installed proper (double test your cables besides), but you get the infamous blinking query mark, a frozen desktop after start-up or a start-up chime observed by zipping, zero and nada.

Work the problem

There are numerous startup strategies that permit for purchasing round easy “admin” password protection, that’s what maximum situations contain; in different phrases, there’s probably no fancy 0.33-birthday celebration software program running so one can defeat most or all of the following workarounds. None of the strategies are absolutely painless or free, but you have to determine how vital it’s far a good way to have the contents of that pressure at the unbootable machine. Now, let’s run down the strategies for you one at a time.

(1) By protecting the “c” key at some point of startup, you may boot from a CD or DVD with a legitimate Mac System on it. Some G4’s (silver-door tower and earlier) will boot into both OS nine or OS X, so you can get one or the opposite variations or each. You should purchase the very last OS 9 bundle (9.2) for approximately $50, or you may buy Mac OS X with the modern-day model (10.5) setting you returned $100 or so. If you don’t need the most modern model of OS X, you could buy 10.Three or maybe 10.2, so one can price you considerably less than the contemporary launch. If you do begin up with a Mac OS installer disk, you can go to Reset Password at the Installer or Utilities menu (relying on what model of OS X you get). And then you’re in commercial enterprise.

(2) Another startup option is to do just that — meaning preserve the “Option” key as you hit the energy switch or keyboard button. This lets you pick out a boot quantity among any connected drives, such as Firewire devices. The best manner this will work is when you have an outside Firewire power, with a Mac OS and a few utilities established, attached to your computer. Although the Mac also has USB ports, you can’t start up from an external USB pressure; do not accept as true with everybody who says otherwise, just appearance it up on Apple’s website for yourself. Who knows why they made ’em that manner, but they did. If you may beg, borrow or steal an external Firewire force with a System and a few utilities already on it, this will clearly paintings. Then you may again up whatever you need from the power before reformatting it. If you can not borrow the sort of device, one could cost you approximately a hundred dollars, plus you would want the OS to place on it, so that is a potentially high-priced choice.

(three) A barely greater geeky method is to hold down “Options” while starting up so that OS X boots into “wonderful person mode.” No password is required to muck around with what is known as “Root” get right of entry to. Of route, you will be using Unix instructions at this factor. If you do not know Unix in any respect, you may probably get enough help from Wikipedia and different geeky resources on-line to learn how to are looking for out and disable the password protection scheme. If you are not a “laptop kind,” though, this might be now not a practical choice for you. This is a loose option, cash-clever, but you may do untold harm mucking around in Mac’s brain, if you’ll, if you’re now not certain approximately what you’re doing.


(4) Finally, you could start up while retaining the “t” key down, and flip the Mac into a Firewire target disk. What this indicates is that you can definitely plug the computer into every other Mac, and that other Mac will see the first as an outside drive. Then you can copy all of the documents you need to maintain to the borrowed Mac, or to an external pressure which you have additionally established to it. This option, like #2 above, calls for developing with some system from somewhere, and of route you want to beg or borrow it (no longer scouse borrow) it if money is tight. Do you have any buddies with a Mac PC (a 3rd millennium PowerBook, iBook, or new MacBook or MacBook Pro with the Intel chips)? Sure, you can use a newer iMac or a Mac Pro tower, but a laptop sure might be less difficult. You will also want a Firewire cable (an “A to A” one, that means each ends are the same length).

You’re now not by myself

If you’ve got sad (or konked out) Mac, this is what you’re up in opposition to. It can seem hopeless at times, however, it’s now not. In the Old Days, Macs had been fairly clean to troubleshoot and maintain. Not so anymore with the Unix-primarily based OS and extra state-of-the-art hardware. But, with a bit assist, you may do it. If you want greater technical assistance, there are literally loads of Mac-centered websites in which all and sundry from noobs (novices) to energy users can get hold of the first-class Mac troubleshooting assist or even some freeware or shareware repair utilities.

The Mac network continues to be a supportive one, so maintain soliciting for assistance, and rendering some to others however you may. You may be surprised via the amount and high-quality of the help that other Mac oldsters offer you. With some assistance, some patience and possibly a bit of luck, your Mac’s unhappy startup face — and your own — will be home another time with a smile.

By Scott McQuarrie, representing the EZWatch Pro emblem, a main issue of laptop based totally protection digital camera systems for enterprise, business and authorities packages.

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