Real Niche Trends in Web Design to Take 2018 by Storm

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I mean, come on, animation has always been considered a big fashion in enhancing a website, and that too even these days. However, do you know how huge a trend animation is? Seriously, if you, in reality, have a checklist of developments, and in case you are going to encompass a complete display animation video into it, you better test out a spotted variety of top websites before doing so. No one likes to see an animated video anymore. There is a lot greater than that. To prove it, let us look at our 5 niche traits that can take the net layout arena via hurricane.

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1. A nonscrollable full screen can be a difference-maker

So eventually, humans have become used to nonscrollable sites since they must install fewer efforts into website navigation. Imagine scrolling the ones one web page websites, till eternity, with a sticky header accompanying you all the manner to the bottom. It is constantly clean to peer pages in which everything is present within the display, and you need no longer scroll for navigating to different pages. Nowadays, people are very busy, and nonscrolling websites can act as a super time saver. Let us study a few examples of why that is splendid.

Facebook Privacy Basics

Facebook uses side-scrolling sliders to explain little by little commands on the basics related to their privateness policy, sponsored by a few notable illustrations. Great, isn’t it always?


Fantasy is a design company doing an excellent task of maintaining everything above the fold. Although it seems as if a few kinds of scrolling are involved, in truth, it isn’t. Checking inside the work phase, you can get admission to the content material below the fold by clicking on the icons present above the fold.

KLM 50 Travels

Another first-rate example of enforcing this concept is taking you via 50 destinations with the assist of a stroll-via video. You need to take a seat back and relax, looking at the pleasant locations to go around. Just use arrow keys or a space bar for a little navigation if required, heading off customers to utilize the mouse.

2. A headline living in a sticky layout on the sideways

This is today’s fashion, visible on very few sites. It is usually first-class to test such sort of traits on sites of design studios or company websites. This is a style in which you’ve got a sticky headline moving with the text as you scroll down. This is an amazing trend that is discovered only on computers and not supposed for mobile viewing. Let us have a look at some examples of why that is notable.

Code & Theory

The website online uses metropolis headlines as a sticky format, so whilst you scroll, the related metropolis call appears at the left. It changes when scrolling is continued.

Stack Overflow

Herein, the sub-navigation appears to be sticky as you scroll, with most effective the highlighting converting primarily based on the phase acting at the proper.

DDB Sthlm

You may see the corresponding menu ultimate sticky on the facet with the handiest menu names converting according to the content material when you scroll down.

3. Loading is the whole lot approximately displaying the emblem

This is every other large trend gaining recognition nowadays. The simplest issue you’ve got while the website online is getting loading is showing off the brand. Let us study a few examples of why that is extremely good.


When you open up the website, the most effective element you notice while the loading is taking is the emblem. After then it vanishes, and the handiest seems back when you open the menu.


The website online has one-of-a-kind logos meant for specific sections. So, while you open a section, you have a specific logo sponsored with some high-quality animations.

This Also

Another high-quality design wherein the menu navigation icon takes the position of the brand with the aid of keeping the position and performing as a loader. Not immediately, however, the layout makes an oblique technique towards this trend, breaking the norms.

4. Background pix acting in a disruptive way

Imagine the historical past pix taking all over the website’s actual estate. This is, now, not a new fashion. However, what’s new in this is while the mouse hovers over the heritage, all at once, the history photograph begins displaying movement. Now, this is a terrific fashion. Let us examine a few examples of why that is super.

Make me pulse

The website uses the trend quite convincingly such that while you hover over the background, you see virtual mountains growing up, anyplace the cursor movements.

Active Theory

This is some other exceptional website in which the historical past shows moves together with your cursor shifting here and there. It looks like you’re growing some form of distortion within the virtual history.


The website may require you to do a little scrolling stuff. But as you do, and whilst you attain the bottom of the crew, you’ve got a few quality distortion-taking areas. Although slightly, however great.

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