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The manufacturing industry involves creating new products from raw materials or assembling different parts through mechanical, physical, or chemical means. Manufacturing can be in large scale production, medium or small scale, depending on the company’s size. Although most of the processes are now automated, there are many promising careers in different fields of the manufacturing industry. Careers range from operational jobs to highly technical and managerial positions. For instance, an industrial supplier or company needs different types of professionals such as an engineer, machinist, assembler, salesperson, to operational workers; otherwise, the company wouldn’t run smoothly.Understanding some of the careers in manufacturing is vital to help you decide on the right career path. Below are some of the most promising careers in manufacturing.


With all the importation of machinery and automobile parts going on globally, assembling is a promising career. An assembler studies and understands the instructions to facilitate an assembling or construction process, for instance, assembling automobile parts. An assembler measures, wields, or connects different parts to come up with the final machine. They rebuild or assemble machines such as engines, turbines, and other equipment mostly used in construction, extraction, and automotive industries.A good assembler should have technical skills, be a good communicator, and have the proper training on operating machines and other tools.

Manufacturing technician

A manufacturing technician sets up and operates manufacturing equipment and ensures the operation meets the safety and quality standards. With all the manufacturing and processing industries all over, qualified manufacturing technicians are in demand. A manufacturing technician will often use their technical and mechanical knowledge to get their job done. They learn other additional skills while at the position.


Welders do the work of planning and assembling metal structures and equipment and are also responsible for maintaining welding machinery. They have a broad knowledge of welding techniques, for instance, heat-treating metal products, welding pipelines, and copper plumbings. To be a professional welder, you need the proper certificates and apprenticeship. You should also be a good communicator. This occupation includes professionals who operate laser beam machines and laser cutters.

CNC machine programmers and operators

Many companies are now using CNC (Computer Numerical Control ) machines that use software and programming language to operate. As technology advances, the industry needs programmers to develop programs for operating automated machines and systems. CNC machine operators run the CNC machines, monitor, and maintain them.


A machinist sets up and operates different machine tools to create precision parts and instruments. This occupation also includes precision parts makers who repair, fabricate, or modify mechanical parts. They apply mechanical skills, mathematics knowledge, understanding of metal properties, layout, and machining processes.


A millwright assembles, installs, or dismantles heavy equipment and machinery depending on the layout plans, drawings, or blueprints. They mostly work in power plants and construction sites. They need to read and understand complicated technical instructions and troubleshoot under pressure. A millwright requires a great deal of technical and problem-solving skills in addition to their professional training.

Plant manager

A plant manager monitors and supervises the operations of a manufacturing company. He/she manages the employees, performs quality control, and monitors processes and activities. They also have other responsibilities of hiring employees, maintaining quotas, and creating schedules. A plant manager should have critical thinking skills, problems solving skills, and have enough experience.

The takeaway

Manufacturing professions require various sets of skills depending on the specialization and other responsibilities in the company.

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