Is NOW a Good Time to Sell a Property in South East London?

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As a property investor, I’ve been renting Page Design Shop  and developing homes considering 2005. Even though this is a relatively quick period to establish a career, mainly one in property, I have seen and discovered extra than I could ever have imagined.

When instances were appropriate, costs were rising and everyone desired to buy. There have been many assets investors that bought property assuming that house expenses could preserve to upward push forever and didn’t honestly consider the effects if they did not. There wherein a terrific variety of belongings funding groups that led you to trust this to be real, however they had ulterior motives and without a doubt couldn’t predict the destiny! The result became uneducated property investors sinking their lifestyles savings into what they felt have been sure deals to make money. I recognise of 1 property investor I met, who had bought not anything but newly constructed flats. The trouble with this became that the apartment profits turned into very low due to the big variety of flats coming onto the market at once. He managed, by means of refinancing, to purchase 30 residences, none of which made him any money! His method turned into to remortgage one in all his apartments each 3 months, as they went up in value, to cowl the losses from the others. Guess what occurred whilst house fees stopped rising? He misplaced them all!Property

This is an as an alternative extreme instance of how a few people maximum simply failed to enjoy the ‘credit crunch’. However, as lots as there are casualties, there are usually winners in these conditions and it is good to asses both to look how we might be able to observe those lessons to our very own lives.


A massive wide variety of assets investors took a extra calculated technique to investing in assets and in fact made positive from day one which they have been going to have enough coins drift to cover all charges. These belongings investors might have done their sums whilst hobby rates were around the 5% mark. These calculated investors were not to realize what the ‘Credit Crunch’ would do for them! Those fortunate to be on tracker fee mortgages found their mortgage bills losing month by month as the Bank of England base fee turned into always reduced to 0.Five%. It’s stayed there on the grounds that March 2009, resulting in those fortunate buyers having extraordinarily low interest bills and outstanding monthly coins drift.

You are probably wandering how as a naive belongings investor I faired in all this turmoil. If I am honest, like many others, I did not see the ‘Credit Crunch’ coming. I additionally failed to realize pretty what an effect it might have on the economic system and all people round me. I am thrilled to say I did not gamble away my lifestyles financial savings, however nor did I see a massive benefit from the decrease hobby quotes. That said, if hobby quotes hadn’t been decreased I could have truly long past bankrupt! I determined myself in a position of survival, in which I even have some honestly dud homes, which I should do nothing with as they were in bad fairness. There some that also don’t make a profit and a few that thru the lower interest prices cowl these losses.

You may not be a assets investor however the identical training may be learned from the residential market. It’s all about deliver and call for. The key to being capable of benefit from trendy belongings marketplace and another is; being on top of things. This method which you are capable of make the call whether to paste or twist! If you’re forced right into a scenario, you’re impossible to come out of it well. If you’ve got a pleasant highly-priced residence with a high loan, you lose your activity and are forced to promote, are you going to get the high-quality fee for your private home? You have left your self in a venerable role wherein you do not have the flexibility to benefit from the scenario.

If on the other hand you have got lots of financial savings because your mortgage is low-priced, you lose your task, are you as venerable? You leave your self with a choice, a choice that may make or prevent masses of cash. You are not determined to sell, so you won’t be giving your house away. You have time for your palms, so you is probably capable of make a few improvements to the residence, begin a business, the picks are infinite.

Only a way to stay in control of your very own non-public scenario. It is nicely really worth taking the time to think of the worst case state of affairs, plan for it, after which stay your life content knowing which you have blanketed your personal back.

Your paintings won’t were affected in any way with the aid of the ‘Credit Crunch’ and you would possibly nevertheless locate you can relate to the 2 situations above. Whatever your circumstance you need to make certain you propose for the destiny with an amazing schooling and an amazing knowledge of the alternatives you are making.

This leads us on to latest market and is it an excellent time to promote?

Is NOW an awesome time to SELL?

This query is one many people may be asking themselves and one that I intend to help you answer. Before I begin, I am no longer going to offer you a specific Yes or No, so do not get your hopes up. I don’t know your scenario and on the give up of the day it’s your choice. What I will do is open your eyes to the viable outcomes and help you understand the consequences of your actions.

The first idea to investigate is your cause for promoting. Are you being pressured to promote or are you trying to chose the pleasant feasible time to move?

Possible motives to sell

– Up sizing
– Down sizing
– Moving to a one of a kind location
– Job relocation
– Move close to family
– Pay off money owed

These are just a few of many motives that human beings chose to position their property in the marketplace. What we want to invite ourselves is how those motives affect our promoting method?

Up Sizing

If you’re looking to Up Size now’s a top notch time to be transferring.


It’s all do to with the percentage distinction between the assets you are selling and the only you’re looking to shop for. If we examine the everyday flat in Forest Hill, SE London, I recognise that the value of a 2 mattress belongings dropped from a median of about £250,000 in mid 2008 to approximately £2 hundred,000 in mid 2009. The first idea for the owner is in all likelihood to be; ‘I’ve just lost £50,000 how can we possibly sell’. In some respects they may be right, why promote a property for tons less than it has lately been really worth? In this situation we need to appearance further as we want to recognize what they’re looking to gain by promoting.

They want to shop for a 4 bed room house also in Forest Hill as they love the location, but have outgrown their flat. Over the equal term four Bedroom homes have dropped from about £seven hundred,000 to £400,000! Wow, what a first-rate distinction is just twelve months. Now that we have visible the entire picture we realise that the couple may want to make a £50,000 loss on their flat, however at the same time they will have just stored themselves £three hundred,000 on the property they are searching to shop for! South East London

Do you believe you studied this couple has to promote? It’s a chunk of a no brainer! This is a danger of an existence time to Up Size and one that may not come round very regularly.

Down Sizing

For the other reasons given above, you may think that promoting now might be too high priced. You ought to asses your motives for down sizing and have a look at the general photograph. If you can not have enough money to keep your current assets then you may be higher promoting, enabling to clean debts and provide you with piece of mind. If you are just looking to flow for a change, you want to asses the budget and take heed to how an awful lot there is to lose.


Many human beings who have been pressure to transport against their will or wanted to promote however could justify it have searched for opportunity answers. One of the most common is to transport out and positioned the belongings up for hire. Although this might now not be the high-quality long-time period answer, it may nicely permit you to preserve together with your plans. If you’re able to allow your property and cowl the overhead, this will move you from a function of being forced to promote, to at least one in which you are back in control and able to make choices.


We have seen examples of some of the winners and a few who have not favoured so nicely in those tough times. One issue is for positive is that we are able to all examine plenty from this recession. We changed into a rustic who need the entirety yesterday and stay for today. This mentality turned into first-rate a couple of years in the past, but to live on top of things, nowadays you need to plan for the future.

Should you sell now?

This question has to be responded to you, as you’re the best one that knows the authentic quantity of your state of affairs. However, I hope I have proven you how you may benefit from falling residence prices and given you a few ideas of your personal. The contemporary market is sincerely enhancing and there are masses of consumers looking. If you’re flexible and inclined to anticipate the right client and the right price, then why not positioned your house available on the market and spot how you get on. At the give up of the day you want to be the only in control, you’ll then make sure to pop out a winner.

Eaton Properties are a nearby independent Estate Agent based in Forest Hill (SE23) South East London, covering areas which include, Dulwich, Crystal Palace, Sydenham, Peckham, Brockley, Catford, Lewisham as well as many extra. We delight ourselves on being a truthful property agent, handing over to a widespread, no longer to a rate.

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