Importance of Blogging and 10 Ways of Increasing Targeted Traffic

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Have you ever asked yourself how a single person continues updating his weblog with fresh content often without jogging out of thoughts? Some bloggers will depart you to wonder how they control to write down content material regularly. No, you can actually dispute their prolific writing competencies.

For instance, Seth Godin updates his weblog frequently with fresh content material. When I became first added to running a blog, I concept I may not write. But with time, I now recognize that blogging isn’t difficult. For the past 3 years, I even have found out a lot approximately blogging. I even have written articles for various blogs and websites. However, I’m yet to examine greater about writing so that I become a higher prolific writer.

Becoming a blogger is all approximately learning the way to the weblog. Blogging isn’t always tough, as some humans might also tend to assume. Below are the 4 most crucial blogs to teach you a way to blog and how you could turn out to be a higher blogger. If you are beginning a freelancing writing commercial enterprise, then Freelancefolder.Com weblog will greatly help you with advice on how to go about your freelancing writing enterprise.


Any person who is laptop literate can now create a weblog. You don’t need to worry about the technical elements when you consider that blogging software programs inclusive of WordPress and Empower Network have simplified running a blog.

Importance of Blogging

1.) Blogging is Interesting: There is something which you truly love doing (your ardor). Go in advance and create a blog and begin running a blog approximately your passion. Blogging will make you analyze more about your passion. You’ll be amazed by the attention you’ll be receiving from human beings.

2.) Proper Usage of Free Time: Blogging isn’t always a waste of time. If it was a waste of time, we couldn’t be having so many blogs currently. Instead of you being idle in the course of the maximum of your free time, you ought to create a weblog and start running a blog. This will make you no longer question yourself on what you should do to hold yourself busy each time you have unfastened time.


3.) Inspiring Others: Blogging has made it feasible for human beings to encourage each other regardless of whether they have never met each other. People share problems and guide each other. For example, here’s a quote I came across that made me recognize how blogging has made it viable for a person to get aid from people, “I changed into having problems with depression and tension ailment, and it felt like now not blogging about it became growing false records. When I did sooner or later share the issues I become having, I was taken aback -no longer best by way of the help that become given to me, however also by way of the notable quantity of those who admitted they struggled with the equal factor.”- Jenny Lawson

In fact, I encourage greater youths to start blogging to encourage different youths who’re going through various demanding situations inclusive of starting a commercial enterprise, strolling a business, advancing the profession, unemployment, how to triumph over substance abuse, and many others.

4.) Making Money Online: Start running a blog to earn a little money online if you have not found your dream activity. There are many opportunities online that you could use your blog to make cash. You can start running a blog for cash by being employed as a blogger. You can use your weblog to do associate marketing, or you may use your weblog to sell products to human beings online. The possibilities to make money online from a blog are simply many. It is for you to determine how you’ll make money online by running a blog.

5.) Gaining Exposure and Attracting Prospective Employers: Blogging exposes you as a professional to your field. You’ll be identified as an expert when you proportion informative statistics on your blog and on different blogs that permit guests to run a blog. Some humans will are searching for your recommendation at the same time as there are folks that will refer humans to examine your articles.

Blogging can even expose your expertise, creativity, passion, and your willpower. “Blogging is an awesome manner to expose your skills and pastimes to potential employers, even as adding aside in your resume. If you blog constantly, it suggests your willpower, passions, and creativity, all of which are key attributes employers search for in job applicants.”- Lauren Conrad

6.) Blogging Improves Your Writing Skills: When you hold on blogging, you become a better creator with time. You’ll learn how to specify yourself higher. Blogging improves your writing talents and additionally your abilities to talk with human beings.

7.) Marketing and Building Relationships with Customers: Blogging is critical in marketing. A blog is an advertising device, and marketers must use blogs to inform human beings about the products they’re promoting. Marketers have to weblog informative information approximately the goods they’re advertising and marketing so that human beings understand how such products will be beneficial to them in solving various issues. Blogging builds higher relationships among clients and groups.

Major Challenge in Blogging

The primary project that many weblog proprietors (bloggers) are dealing with is insufficiently targeted site visitors. Without focused traffic, a weblog will never flourish. When you recognize that your weblog is not attracting enough targeted visitors, you should not give up. Every day for each person to feel discouraged due to disappointments but giving up is not a solution. Giving up is growing some other hassle of having no longer located a solution that works efficiently. The excellent you can do in preference to giving up is discovering how you will power targeted visitors on your blog. So, why is your blog not receiving targeted traffic? Some of the motives are as follows:

1.) Your blog is yet to be known in view that it is still new. It calls for exposure.

2.) There isn’t enough content to your weblog to draw human beings and for the steps to rank your blog.

3.) The content material you’ve got published for your blog is not superb. Publishing mediocre content material for your blog could be the cause why it lacks focused site visitors.

4.) The area of interest of your weblog may be the purpose for inadequately targeted site visitors. If your blog is focused on a niche, this is too competitive, or the only one humans aren’t interested in, then your weblog will not attract any vast amount of centered visitors.

5.) You have not started promoting a product that solves a selected problem, or you may be promoting a product that is not beneficial.

6.) You have not optimized your weblog in the search engines like google. You have not used SEO strategies to optimize your blog.

7.) You haven’t carried out list building, which has led you not to contact folks who go to your weblog. They go to your weblog in no way to go to it again since they forget about it.

8.) You have now not captured humans’ interest. Your weblog would not have content that is interesting for people to study. You have not used headlines, a good way to capture the eye of humans. You haven’t also published videos or pics that capture humans’ interest. You’re not giving giveaways. People love getting things free of charge!

9.) Your blog includes many spelling and grammar errors. People will now not need to move on analyzing a blog that has posts containing many spelling and grammar errors.

10.) Another motive for the loss of centered traffic is ignoring the readers and writing for the engines like google. Focusing specifically on optimizing your blog inside the engines like google rather than focusing on your readers will sooner or later make your readers prevent journeying your weblog.

Ten Ways of Increasing Traffic

Driving focused visitors for your weblog is a manner that needs to be non-stop. Here are ten approaches that you could use to power targeted site visitors in your weblog.

1.) Update Your Blog Regularly: You ought to begin updating your blog often with sparkling content that is unique and informative if you have not been doing that.


2.) Quality Content and Not Quantity Content: Although you ought to replace your weblog with fresh content, it does not imply that you ought to update it with any content for the sake of updating it often. High-high-quality content material is crucial in maintaining your existing centered traffic. Posting tremendous content material will make humans visit your weblog, given that they understand that they may gain loads.

3.) Gain Exposure for Your Blog: Use net advertising techniques to make sure your weblog profits publicity. Some of the net advertising and marketing techniques that you may use encompass social networking websites search engine optimization approaches, viral marketing, pay-in step with the click on Ads, Google AdWords, and many others.

4.) Keep in Touch with Your Audience: You must make a list constructing. Let the people who are traveling your weblog present you their email addresses willingly. You’ll afterward contact them so that you remind them to visit your weblog.

5.) Attract People’s Attention: Capture human beings’ attention to maintain on traveling your blog. Use headlines to be able to seize humans’ attention to examine your weblog posts. You have to publish videos, infographics additionally and encompass pics on your blog posts so that they appeal to humans’ interest.

6.) Avoid Spelling and Grammar Mistakes: Proofread your articles. Let someone else read your articles earlier than you submit them on your weblog. This is to make sure that your articles do not contain spelling and grammar mistakes.

7.) Engage Your Audience: You need to interact with your target market. Ask them questions and allow them to comment on your blog posts. Reply to their comments. In this manner, your target market will recognize which you admire them and value their opinions. Your target audience will believe you, and they will keep on traveling your blog and refer people to visit your blog.

8.) Allow Guest Blogging: You should invite professionals to put up content material on your blog. When you allow experts for your area of specialization to do visitor running a blog, your blog will advantage proper recognition. People will consider it, and this makes your weblog to be authoritative.

9.) Quality Products: Selling first-rate products will make human beings visit your blog. A phrase of mouth will unfold an awful lot quicker about your blog if you’re promoting an amazing product. This is fixing a particular problem that different merchandise has not been capable of remedy.

10.) Buy Traffic: Buying site visitors will at the least make people know your weblog. Many websites specialize in promoting visitors.

When we commenced our first weblog seven years ago with my commercial enterprise partner, we made errors. We found out from our errors, and ultimately, we discovered running a blog income method that has stored our income rolling in every month. Now that we located a system to make money online running a blog, we’re so passionate to teach others to be successful, consisting of you. Today, we’re providing you with our easy method for being profitable online; click the hyperlink and inform us to ship you our running blog profits system.

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