How to Make Non-Blogger Templates Work at Blogspot

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There are many properly-designed and expert looking templates available for Google Blogger, all very tempting for the everyday blogger to import. Most of those are examined for Blogger and work satisfactory, however Google has made the importation of those a sometimes buggy and greater tedious procedure than it used to be. Here are a dozen easy steps to make these other templates work even as backing up your contemporary blogsite.

1. To exchange to a new template, you have to first have the brand new one downloaded onto your nearby PC, and it will commonly be in XML format, however from time to time is honestly in a TXT record.


2. After logging in at Blogger, select Customize your blog.

Three. First backup the existing template: select Layout, Edit HTML and Download Template. Change the name to something you understand, like ‘Temp-MyBlog-010309’, then shop it. This takes a few seconds, the document might be small, normally 50-100k. This will not save the posts, that’s subsequent.

4. Next, backup your posts. You may not need to reload them, it’s just a very good idea to again them up earlier than major adjustments. Select Settings, then Export Blog (the Basic tab). This exports the posts themselves. Again keep the report as some thing you do not forget, like ‘Exp-MyBlog-010309’.

Five. You want to back up or reproduction each of your widgets, the HTML code. Make positive you operate a textual content editor like Notepad. I positioned them multi function report with labels for each and a separator line, which makes it smooth to duplicate them lower back into the new template. Unfortunately, copy and paste is the handiest method you can use here, separately, so it could be tedious with a crowded interface with plenty of sidebar gadgets.


6. Now you are prepared for the brand new template. Return to Edit HTML, and choose Browse to discover the brand new template for your computer. When you pick it, click OK, then whilst back in Blogger, pick out Upload. The new template could be transferred to Blogger.

7. After the refresh, you will see a listing of widgets at the left with a purpose to be deleted, including ‘html1’ and ‘blog1’. If you continue from right here, you’ll likely get the infamous ‘Bk-#’ error display screen with an mistakes code. You ought to first debug the new template.

Eight. Use ‘Ctrl-F’ to Find, and search for ‘widget id’.

Nine. When you locate one, click on Close, then edit the ensuing widget’s call which you see by incrementing the number, together with ‘html1’ have to be changed to ‘html2’, ‘text1’ becomes ‘text2’, and so on. There can be or extra of each of these, exchange all of them. Don’t omit converting ‘blog1’ to ‘blog2’, that is almost continually gift. Then use Ctrl-F once more for the following instance of ‘widget identification’.

10. When you’ve edited all of them (and be cautious to now not cycle through them twice), click Save Template. After the screen refreshes, you have got a brand new list of widgets in order to be deleted, however now it is OK, none may be from the brand new template.

11. Click Confirm and Save. This must work without errors now, and you may select either Preview or View Blog and spot the results.

12. You can now copy your widgets returned (one after the other) that were deleted for the duration of the importation procedure. Even if you have many, it need to take much less than an hour.

Since you have well sponsored up to the preceding template, if there is a hassle with the new one or you don’t find it irresistible, you can alternate back to the unique with the aid of using the added technique once more, and select the authentic template backup name. You will should copy lower back the original widgets again, but at least you won’t lose whatever.

Build a test weblog first, then do not be afraid to try a brand new template to refresh your blog!

Changing the Look of Your Blogger Site Using Templates

When your installation a brand new Blogger website, you could pick from among 16 default unique templates, the majority of which have more than one subject variation you may choose. When I first began blogging, I regularly attempted or 3 of the default templates before I settled on one which healthy the subject of my web page k. You can use one of the following methods to exchange your current template.


Picking a New Blogger Default Template

After you set up your blog, you can determine which you do not just like the template a lot, or you would possibly just want to offer it a sparkling appearance. There are a couple of approaches you can alternate your template. The easiest way is to genuinely switch to one of the other default templates furnished through Blogger. You can transfer templates with the aid of going to Layout -> Pick New Template from your Blogger account dashboard. You can pick out a brand new template as truely as you chose your initial one. All the facts (posts, pix, and motion pictures) you have already positioned in your weblog can be retained. Blogger’s system separates the actual facts (your posts and media) presented on a weblog from the way wherein the facts is offered – your weblog’s theme.

When you exchange your template with the aid of deciding on Pick New Template, Blogger’s machine is smart sufficient to preserve the devices you currently have set up. For instance, when you have added a few gadgets the usage of the Add a Gadget hyperlink on the Layout -> Page Elements page, those gadgets can be preserved in your new template layout. I’ll discuss later a technique for changing your template design that calls for extra caution.

Editing Your Template’s XML Code

Another manner that you could customize your template is by using modifying the weblog’s template file. You can access the template record with the aid of going to Layout -> Edit HTML. Blogger would possibly be extra accurate naming the link “Edit XML”, since that is what you’re certainly editing. What you will discover inside the template file are a few variable definitions, a few CSS fashion definitions, and subsequently the body of the blog page, which contains a group of XML tags that look some thing like this:

In order to correctly edit your template beyond clearly changing fonts and hues within the variable definition section, you will want to realize (or be inclined to study) a few things approximately CSS and the Blogger XML schema. It will in all likelihood take a few analyzing of the prevailing XML setup and a few experimenting to make the improvements you are seeking out. As you are making modifications, you may need to keep a backup reproduction of your closing working template so that you do not ought to cross back to paintings from the unique template document in case you mess some thing up.

Installing a Third-birthday party Blogger Template

The 0.33 way to change your blog’s subject matter is to down load and install a Blogger template created via a clothier. There are many unfastened Blogger templates to be had for down load everywhere on the Internet.

To deploy a third-celebration Blogger template, shop the template XML report to your laptop. Then, from the Layout -> Edit HTML page, click Browse…, and find the template record for your computer. Then click on Open to return to the Edit HTML page. Click Upload to upload the brand new template.

Something to maintain in mind if you are the usage of a third-birthday celebration weblog template is that when you have introduced gadgets to your blog (e.G. Followers, Poll, Labels, and many others.), you need to be cautious whilst the use of a 3rd-birthday celebration template to keep away from doing away with those gadgets. If you down load and deploy a template that does not aid your custom gadgets, they will be deleted whilst the brand new template is stored.

If your new template does have machine discrepancies, you will get hold of the following message whilst you click on the Upload button.

Widgets are approximate to be deleted

Please confirm that the following widgets have to be deleted. All the widgets’ configuration data will be misplaced.

The warning message will then listing those devices in order to be deleted in case you continue with importing the brand new template. To avoid losing your existing devices, you will want to discover the XML tags that constitute those gadgets to your present day template and merge those tags into the template you want to upload. Doing so can be a touch intricate. You are probably able to get a few assist from the original template fashion designer.

Each of these three techniques of converting your existing themes has benefits and disadvantages. Hopefully, this article has helped you apprehend the issues concerned so that you could make a knowledgeable selection. Happy running a blog!

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